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How a Property Specialist like Chad Deucher Can Help You Acq

by tannertorchia309

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The whole point of investing your money is to grow it, not fritter it away. Yet it can be difficult to find a sound investment opportunity with guaranteed returns. After all, many financial ventures sound promising on paper but eventually turn out to be duds.


On the surface, real estate investments would seem like wise choices. However, you should also exercise due caution when putting your hard-earned money out there. When venturing into turnkey property investments, for instance, you can rely on the experience of someone like real estate investor Chad Deucher, CEO of Marquis Properties.


Anyone familiar with the concept of investment properties is aware that these assets fall into the long- or short-term kind. You can either invest in a rental property that generates a fixed income (for as long as it’s occupied), or remodel an existing home to enhance its curb appeal and resell it for much higher than the original price. A turnkey rental property, i.e. one that’s ready for immediate turnover and tenant occupancy, can be considered a long-term asset—provided certain conditions are met.


For instance, you’ll want to screen all tenant applicants to ensure that your rental property will be in the hands of someone who’s responsible and isn’t likely to trash your place or get into trouble with other tenants. Likewise, you naturally need to retain your good tenant(s) for as long as possible to ensure a steady income flow. This task entails keeping your rental property in good condition by carrying out regular maintenance work or repairs as necessary.


Property upkeep can be quite a chore, and you may have neither the skills nor the resources to promote your unoccupied rental property to attract tenants. This is where companies like Marquis Properties can come in. These firms acquire bulk properties at desirable locations then assign skilled and resourceful property managers who will take charge of looking for prospects, as well as rehabilitating each property to get it ready for tenancy.


Investing in real estate can be rewarding, but this venture is also not without its pitfalls. Luckily, people like investment property specialist Chad Deucher work hard to find sound and lucrative opportunities for interested private investors.

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