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The role of Jones Act Lawyer Houston

by liyo89

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Maritime employees work in a variety of conditions that may be very dangerous and even life threatening. For instance, they could be working on unsafe offshore oil platforms or slippery conditions with unsafe equipments. A maritime crew member working in such conditions could suffer serious physical injuries and even lose his or her life. When a maritime employee is injured, there are some maritime laws that offer protection for such workers. The injured worker has the right to get compensation for injury due to accident at sea, coastal regions or inland waters. When such instances occur, the role of a Jones Act lawyer Houston becomes essential to protect the rights of crew member.


Injured workers are protected under federal maritime laws. If you are not familiar with the laws, it can be very complicated to fight with an employer denying a claim. The role of a Jones Act lawyer is important when filing a claim as these lawyers have the experience, expertise and knowledge in all aspects of maritime law. The lawyer understands how to prove negligence of an employer and how to determine the appropriate amount of compensation the injured worker is entitled to.


Crewman aboard ships, commercial fishing vessels, barges, oil platforms, tankers, cruise ships, cruise ships in navigable U.S. waters are entitled to compensation under the maritime laws such as the Jones Act. Employers have their own insurance lawyers to represent them so it is important for an injured worker to seek the counsel of a qualified Jones Act lawyer Houston. It is the work of the Jones Act attorney to see that the wounded cruise ship passengers, recreational boaters or crew members are awarded the appropriate amount of compensation for their injury. When choosing a lawyer, it is important to learn about the experience of the lawyer and the ratings that he or she may have received.


If you or your family members have suffered an injury due to maritime or offshore accident, then you should look for the knowledgeable Jones Act attorney to assist you. In present times, there are numerous maritime injury law firms available that offer personal and compassionate legal service services. So you can easily hire the attorney and achieve successful results.


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