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Fuse Boards & Boxes Replacement Services

by kalpesh

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Electricity has become a necessity in our daily lives. We surround ourselves with an assortment of electrical equipments and appliances to make our lives easy. To keep the household running efficiently it is very important to have it wired properly. Both in domestic and commercial wiring, fuse boards and boxes play very important roles.

While electricity is necessary it can be damaging too. Power trips and leakages can damage your appliances as well as your property. It is therefore very important to install a circuit breaker that will snap the connection whenever there is a voltage overload. Fuse boxes are used for that reason. They let you cut off the electricity connection in case of emergencies. You may hire electrician services Leeds to install fuse boxes at your home.

To understand the functionalities of a fuse box you must first have a workable understanding of its various components. A fuse box normally has three major components. They are as following:

A main switch: The main switch allows you to turn off the electricity in case of emergency. You may need to install more than one switch and therefore multiple fuse boxes if you have higher power consuming appliances, such as - electric heater, in your home.  

The circuit breaker: The circuit breaker automatically disconnects the power supply to your household when a problem is detected. It is an automatic protection device of the size of a fuse. You can restore the power supply just by resetting the switch to its original position. But make sure that you correct the problem first. The circuit breakers are designed to offer more precise protection against power fluctuations.

Earlier, rewirable fuses were used in place of a circuit breaker. The fuse wire had lower melting point. The wire used to melt whenever there was power overload. The melted wire used to break the circuit to keep you safe.

Residual Current Devices (RCD): It offers an added layer of protection. It is a switch that trips a circuit when voltage fluctuation reaches an alarming point and automatically disconnects electricity supply. You may periodically test the RCD switches of your home to check if they are in workable condition and replace them if necessary. You can do that easily by following the instructions given on the label printed on RCDs.

Press the test button and the switch will automatically detach electric supply. But if the RCD doesn’t trip right after pressing the test button you must immediately release it and contact fuse boards & boxes replacement services.

To keep your household safe from electrical damages, it is very important to install proper fuse boards and boxes. You can hire any electrician services Leeds for the job, but going with a reputable firm is always a better choice.

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