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The benefits of using vibrators extend beyond one's own pleasure. They are among the most successful sex toy and sellers of all time, and although it’s primary function is to give pleasure, its therapeutic uses are recommended by the best doctors in the world to dysfunctions in men and women as vaginismus, anorgasmia or penile shortening. Find the best adult stores and select from there.

A little history
The first vibrator with batteries dates from 1880s, invented by British physician Joseph Mortimer Granville to treat "female hysteria". In 1952, the American Psychiatric Association officially stated that it was not a legitimate disease, but an outdated myth, and those rudimentary mills toys vibrators became free personals personal use.

Today, the therapeutic uses that are given to vibrators are varied:
1.     Treatment of anorgasmia: For the absence of orgasm after normal arousal phase, one of the most common sexual dysfunction in women. This usually occurs for some sexual taboo or trauma that prevents women relaxation during sex. The use of the vibrator in the privacy can help you relax, find your pleasure zones, learn more about your body and aroused.
2.    Vaginismus: Great for women who are unable to have intercourse due to an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles. Vibrators are an element for initial therapy.
3.    Cancer treatments: Vibrators are also recommended for women after undergoing cancer treatments.
4.    In the case of men, they are also highly recommended for treating male vibrators problems of disability, injury after surgery, amputation or shortening of the penis. The taboo among men is higher, but is as useful as the women with problems reaching orgasm.

Top sex toys such as vibrators enhance sexual function and promote healthy behaviors. They do not detract from the need to maintain relationships, but even help to increase them, being very healthy for your partner's sexual health.

A wide variety
Today we can find a variety of rings for penis, as there are with clitoral stimulator or with built-in vibrator. Manufacturers also make all kinds of materials, shapes, colors and textures, but the most used are silicone or latex. When choosing a specific sex toy, men need to take into account the size, because if you choose wrong, the penis may be damaged. Since it is possible to tighten cut off circulation and prevent penile erection.

Integrate sex toys in privacy
Some people have fear of being replaced by an object, but the reality is that they can help you enjoy more sex with your partner. If you want to bring sex toys into the bedroom, get going! As stated, vibrators and dildos are the favorite of the girls. They have a classic shape and are available in a variety of textures. While you kiss her breasts, stimulate the entrance of her vagina with a vibrator. She'll enjoy it a lot! You can also select from top sex toys like oral sex simulators. These are small in size and are ideal for use while she makes you kiss or oral sex you. In the case of men, this will help to add length to their penis. Find toys at the best adult stores that will generate a small vibration, these are unobtrusive and inexpensive. You can use them to travel around your body or to stimulate her clitoris at the time of penetration.

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