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Increasing Popularity of PHP Development

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PHP is a server-side scripting language that is compatible across major operating systems like Linux, Windows and so on. In the current scenario, programmers largely use PHP frameworks in order to deal with performance tuning issues, quickly and conveniently. Incorporating plug-ins and standard templates, PHP offers a robust architecture convenient for source code programming. A large number of frameworks are available to choose from, which can also be customized to suit particular coding needs. The most commonly used frameworks are Zend, Codeigniter, Smarty, Cake PHP and so on. An interesting aspect of PHP is that it offers ease of use for both newcomers and veteran programmers.


Advantages of using PHP frameworks


Query Generalization: Almost every web application is created with databases. Once you decide to incorporate anything dynamic, you need to search for words such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite. Creating queries implies a number of tables, foreign keys, joins, relations and so on. If there is some mistake at any point the application fails to function properly. This is not the case for PHP frameworks, where you just need to call up the function corresponding to a column or table and your work in done.


Code generation: A database is built in order to handle data. SQL INSERT statements are definitely not the most efficient means. PHP frameworks are able to produce the forms once you run the database code generator. The forms can then be used for entering data.


AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (AJAX)) is amongst the most preferred functionality so far as web 2.0 sites are concerned. In case you are looking for a completely AJAX powered website, it takes a lot of time to compose the functions, objects and other things. PHP frameworks make this process convenient. To get the desired work done, all you need to do is compose the functions and call them appropriately.


Form Handling: In case you submit wrong information in a form, the database gives an error message and you begin debugging for what has gone wrong. Your problem takes considerable time to get resolved. By using a framework, the probability of errors is greatly reduced because it will check for the correctness of data. If there are some errors, debugging is much more convenient.


State management: Web and Web 2.0 is powered by the HTTP protocol. Many of the new technological executions are aimed at solving the HTTP protocol’s stateless manner. Here ‘state’ indicates a means for the website to recall what the user was doing. For instance, when you are logging in to a site, your ‘state’ should be remembered as ‘logged’. There are in fact a number of states that a web application is required to maintain, Using PHP frameworks, developers are empowered to control the application’s traits along with other aspects, making life much more convenient.


MVC architecture: The Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is used to build a number of websites, wherein the logic (model), behavior (controller) and presentation (view) are segregated. Almost all the PHP frameworks follow similar patterns and facilitate the creation of web applications that are much more in line with the MVC patterns. This makes development an easier process that when the developer tries to compose everything by himself.


Event Driven Programming: This is something which every developer would prefer to do. It revolves around taking actions during the occurrence of particular events. PHP development frameworks facilitate event driven programming in the sense that you are able to take a number of actions on events like button clicks or key presses. The developer is capable of focusing on the program logic instead of spending valuable time pondering about ways to route the request that is generated through the application by the button press.


PHP frameworks offer a comprehensive list of features allowing programmers to do much more easily and quickly. Each specific framework has its distinct functionality to facilitate the developer’s work. PHP development India teams can help you build projects within allocated budgets and time schedules.


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