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Secrets behind LED bulb lighting – Decoded

by anonymous

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You might have always heard of the fact that using LED lights and bulbs generates less heat and is quite Eco friendly than incandescent ones. Well, that’s true enough. Wondering how, well all encrypted codes and fantasies are explained here – read on to know more.

LED lights involves no elements like Fluorescent Bulbs, but it has light emitting diodes for emission. This is what the biggest difference between the traditional bulbs and LEDs lights. LEDs have semiconductors due to which less energy is produced as compared to ordinary ones. The usage of LEDs can be spotted anywhere and everywhere. From Digital clocks to TV remotes, Torch, Headlights of trucks, cars and even in electrical appliances. Till now the LED lighting for home have taken the back seat as they are expensive and involves great investment. But due to enhancement in technology, now they can also be bought at cheaper prices at wholesale rates.

Its not like LEDs are the only energy saving Bulbs available in the market but certainly they are the best. Other economical sources of luminance are – CFLs, Halogens etc. LEDs usually use 90% lesser energy than traditional types of bulbs. CFLs use 60% - 80% of less energy and Halogens use 20% - 30% less energy. The durability promised by LED wholesale suppliers last from 25 – 30 years. Rest it depends on the Utility pattern of it. The best thing about the LED is that they are instant and don’t require even a fraction of a second to start up. Since they don’t have mercury in it, they are more eco friendly than CFLs as they have small amount of this element included in them. Even when the temperature is low, the LEDs work better than the best.

Till now only low wattage and lumen light bulbs were available in the market which offers dim light than CFLs and Halogens. But now, brighter LEDs are getting easily available in the market at good prices. Even the shades of LEDs are quite cooler and have a bluish appearance. The range of selectivity is changing over time and you can choose one out of many. The shape and size of LED bulb are available in different varieties, making it easy for you to buy according to your needs and requirements. Your need of luminance can be managed well through LEDs as they have limited specification required, fitted for every infrastructure. Know more about the LEDs, Batteries and its uses online only at

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