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4 Misconceptions about Sauna That Can be Harmful for Your He

by lucyeury

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One particular word normally enters their mind, when people think of a sauna: hot. While this is true, there are quite a lot of sauna mythsthat should be corrected. This is of extreme significance given that a lot of these mistaken beliefs can be harmful to individuals who believe them. Below are 4 of the most popular myths about saunas that can be dangerous for the health:

The longer you stay inside the sauna, the better.

Some folks would push themselves to stay inside the sauna as long as they can in spite of the discomfort since they believe it is more advantageous. While the sauna can make you feel relaxed, being inside for a long time can pose risks to your health. Extended exposure to the high temperature (more than 105 ° F) can also be damaging for the eyes and ears.

Being inside the sauna is an excellent way of losing weight.

Staying inside the sauna will cause you to sweat heavily, therefore helping you to lose water weight. However, whatever water weight you shed off should be immediately replaced by hydration. This means that the immediate weight loss is only short-term.

Going in the sauna is good after an exhausting workout.

When you work out, your heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature level boost. The same thing takes effect when you enter the sauna--your temperature increases with your heart rate and you sweat heavily. You should prevent sweating after already losing fluids from a rigorous workout session. What you should do instead is hydrate yourself by drinking water.

The sauna is good for people with hangover.

Some folks believe that utilizing the sauna is one solution to get over a hangover. The basic thing that people have to keep in mind about saunas is that they are hot and will thus make you sweat. As such, a sauna session is not the most advisable idea for a person who has been parched because of alcohol.

There's no denying that a sauna can give countless benefits, but there are also particular precautions that must be taken to guarantee its safe use. However, one should not be quick to believe everything they hear either. As is most often the case, appropriate research is required to affirm common beliefs. To find out more about myths about sauna, you may head to

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