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Use Security Software--Stay Safe from Tempting Scams

by anonymous

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What comes to your mind when you think about fast food? A well furnished place, you sit with a full of flavor burger in your hand and a pack of French fries. The more symbolic will be a statue clown sitting on a bench nearby your table. Yes, the best possible fast food munch can be at none other than the famous McDonald’s. How will you feel if you get a chance to enjoy a free breakfast at McDonald’s? There will be hardly anyone who can resist this free treat. The cyber criminals had good knowledge of this love of people for McDonald’s, so they tried to make use of fondness of people. The e-criminals are extremely brainy, they know exactly how to exploit people’s weakness. Keeping in mind the people’s love for McDonald’s the hackers sent an e-mail to millions of people around the globe. The mail was sent by the email address of which seems to be a valid e-mail address. The mail contained good news for McDonald’s lovers; the e-mail was offering free breakfast from McDonald’s on all branches of the restaurant around the world.

You must be thinking what is spam or fraud in it? The fraud was hidden in the email. The mail contains a picture of delicious mouth watering burger which made the mail more tempting. There was a menu card and an invitation card in the email which was supposed to be printed to be shown to the McDonald’s branch for the free treat. However, this effort of getting the ticket printed was the real trap for the fast food lovers. Once you click on the voucher to get it printed, you give a safe passage to access your personal data in your computer. These e-crooks can use your data for any purpose they want. Your private pictures and videos can be used in some unethical ways. Data related to business can be sold to rival companies. Personal information of your friends or family or co-workers can be used for unwanted purposes.

Now, a question will be popping up in your mind that how to stay safe from such scams? There are some simple precautions that you should take to prevent yourself from any loss. The first precaution should be to avoid reading such mails or even if you read never click on any link given in the mail. Any such offer of such a large scale company will be publicized through advertisement in print and other mediums. There may be mails you will receive with the name of reputed companies about the lotteries; these are all scams and ways to trap you. Kindly use security software that can Lock Folders and many other software make your data inaccessible for the online criminals. As the scam e-mails can be so tempting or real that you might click on any link that can trouble you or your data. The security software is not much expensive, you can get the reliable security with the reliable software like Folder Lock and many other software at a discounted price of 15% of which is especially for summer.

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