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Laptop adapter repair Precautions

by onlvyy

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Now a large number of the laptop's power adapter chip components, once the components is a problem, the difficulty of maintenance is even more increased. Growing day by day increases with the power of the power adapter at the same time, so that the test of the electronic components. If the power adapter is used, but off the quality of electronic components, PCB improperly wired, it is likely to increase the chances of failure. Here are some lessons learned in the repair process of the author, and we want to help. 
Power adapter
1. If the original adapter,like the ?Acer laptop AC Adapter can not be repaired or too late to repair, you can use alternative adapter, roughly as long as the output voltage and power button. Laptop internal regulator circuit insisted, not too worried about the output voltage does not match the problem.
2.Try not to destroy the adapter housing, the housing is destroyed, there will be the strengthening of electromagnetic radiation, affecting the stability of the machine. If the casing is damaged, repair as much as possible. Open appearance, open the shield,Apple laptop AC Adapter it is best to first check welding foot, the visual observation can be circuit intermittent, is generally poor contact.
3.Wrapped around a power cord as far as possible to avoid breaking the internal cables to form an open circuit. If the Asus laptop AC Adapter external power supply, you can plug in the battery to try, if the machine can start properly, there may be a problem with the power cord or adapter. Then detected with a multimeter, identify the problem with the power cord, and to simplify maintenance difficulty, do not begin to try to open the adapter housing. Open the the adapter shell of difficulty really is too big.
4.I once seen online friend mentioned adapter burn computer motherboard problems,Toshiba laptop AC Adapter it is estimated that this situation is very rare, if there is, I estimate the laptop internal regulator circuit damage.
5.Check whether capacitance resistance inductance capacitance drum kits, the best time to be replaced in order to avoid to stay hidden.

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