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Process of Getting Bad Credit Car Loans

by ambersayon

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In special cases we can arrange Interest Rates
as low as 7.85% for a loan up to 5 years term (Max 1 default).

  • We can help arrange a credit repair service to
    remove unwanted defaults from your credit file to get a better interest
    rate for your car loan. Please check car loan page to compare car
    loan interest rates for clean credit car loans.
  • Paid defaults, unpaid defaults with payment arrangement,
    discharged from bankruptcy or part 9 agreement paid judgments, everything
    considered by our lenders on a case by case basis.  
  • For new vehicles not older than 4 years we can arrange better
    rate for the loan through the car loans solutions.
     The interest rates are as low as 7.85% for 5 years term if purchase
    price is more than $18,000.  You will also have the choice to minimize
    your repayments by having a final payment equal to up to 30% of the
    original loan amount.  This is called a balloon or residual payment.
     Rates are approximately 9.35% PA if loan amount is $10,000-$18,000.
  • Some of our lenders will loan up to 120% of the car value to
    assist you cover other expenses that are related to the transaction (e.g.
    Interest, Registration, Stamp Duty, other approved uses), interest rates
    start from 12% P.A.
  • If you are buying a car from a private seller and you have
    major credit impairment issues, this problem could result in you having to
    pay up to 48% p.a. for the loan.

Approval Process for Bad Credit Car Loans:

  • 1) Fill out the "Apply Online Form" on this website
    and we will call you within 2 hours in most cases, or you may call us on
    the 1800 88 LOAN (5626) number from 7am to 10pm (7 days per week). 
    No Credit Check is undertaken by the lender or us at this stage.
  • 2) You will receive an automatic reply email confirming that we
    received your application
  • 3) Reply to the email that you received in Step 2 and attach
    all the documents listed on this page.
  • 4) We will undertake a pre-assessment (Credit History, Capacity
    Calculations, review collateral offered and supporting documents supplied
    by you)
  • 5) Once we are fairly confident of an approval, we will issue
    you with a credit quote detailing the key terms of the loan you would like
    to apply for in writing to ensure there is no misunderstanding between
    yourself and us.
  • 6) Client signs credit quote
  • 7) We prepare application and obtain your signature
  • 8) Application is lodged to the lender
  • 9) Lender issues a decline or a conditional approval letter
    which needs to be signed and returned to lender (we have 90% + approval
    rate, since we undertake the assessment first and we are very familiar
    with lenders credit requirements.
  • 10) Lender undertakes a credit check at this point and also
    provides formal approval and prepares loan contracts once any outstanding
    conditions have been satisfied
  • 11) Client signs loan contract and our Invoice so we can
    receive a Brokerage fee from the lender
  • 12) Loan proceeds are disbursed to car owner (Private or

 Being professionals in their industry, can assist you with debt consolidation. We
will utilise our knowledge to get you back on track.






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