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Mobile Criminal Lawyers on False or Prank Emergency Reports

by ferdinanddraper

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In case of emergency, Americans only should ring three numbers: 9-1-1. The 911 system will then tell the appropriate authorities, be it a criminal activity incident or fire going out of control. The only thing 9-1-1 cannot do for you is to manage issues that don't threaten life in general like calling 9-1-1 due to the fact that the nearby McDonald's shop ran out of McNuggets.

Whether or not the caller didn't suggest to goof off with 9-1-1, state laws in Alabama consider it as incorrect report of a criminal activity. Under Title 13A of the Code of Alabama, falsely reporting a criminal activity, fire, or any emergency is regarded as a Class A misdemeanor. As a Class A violation, the criminal activity is culpable by approximately one year behind bars or of hard labor. That's why criminal lawyers in Mobile suggest taking a second look before making use of the emergency line.

About why some folks do such for the joy of it, there are little researches that point to this habits. Nonetheless, false reporting makes the neighborhood authorities lose resources like the available guards and ambulances or firetrucks in case of a real emergency. This is why the law does not tolerate a 9-1-1 prank call.

Misdials are a various matter. If you have a friend or relative in Savannah, GA or Wilmington, NC, it's no surprise. In the event you dialed 9-1-1 by mistake, don't impede immediately; clarify the situation and provide a sincere apology, if you must. It's not considered a false report but a simple human mistake.

Criminal lawyers in Mobile, however, state false reporting of a criminal activity can be raised to a Class C felony if a bomb or unsafe substance is involved. As if one year in jail isn't difficult enough, a Class C felony will extend the sentence 10 times more. In case you're charged with false report of a crime when it's simply a plain mistake, speak with a legal representative. It shouldn't be too hard to get away from a 9-1-1 issue as long as you do not truly imply to perpetrate a prank.

Visit to learn more on how the state of Alabama penalizes false reporting of a criminal activity such as prank 911 calls. You can also get more information about these calls at the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing online at It is very important you know your law and your rights.

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