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Emergency Eyewash Stations : The Saviors In Times

by RechardJhon

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Any problem caused to vision on the work place will result in a lot of personal and professional loss for the employee as well as the employer. It is therefore mandatory for the employer to have the emergency eyewash stations installed at the key and strategic points in the work place. So, not having an emergency eyewash station is like committing a sin and also a major cause for concern too. When as a responsible employer, you are contemplating on having all the safety products installed in the work place, you should also think of the place where you will provide your employees with the appropriate eye wash station. As per the standards that are laid out by OSHA, the work place needs to have the eyewash station just within 10seconds distance of the work area where there is frequent usage of strong acids and caustic substances which if left unattended may cause a lot of damage to the vision.

Having the OSHA eye wash stations installed adjacent or close by to the hazardous area will definitely help in evading the seriousness of the accident. The eyewash stations should also have water that can run continuously for 15 minutes. Eyesight is very crucial for every individual and life comes to a standstill without eyesight. The main benefit that you can get out of the emergency eyewash stations is that you could get immediate medical treatment. The reaction of the substance could be counteracted very quickly. This is found to be highly useful for all those people who have highly sensitive eyes and bring about great relief too.

Whenever there is an unexpected attack of chemical substance into the eye, the one basic thing that you could rush to do is flush your eyes with potable water. As the eyewash stations provide with nonstop flow of water for fifteen minutes, it definitely helps to have them installed in the right place in the work facility. One should ensure about the water pressure that comes out of the eyewash station too for if there is no adequate water there is always danger of the forbidden to happen.
In case the work facility involves a reasonable risk that the workers may at times get exposed to the caustic and hazardous chemicals and substances then you must have these emergency wash fixtures without fail. In addition to having them at the right places, the employees also have to be informed about their utility, and trained in the way in which they need to make the best use so as to come out of the danger that may be caused by the chemical substances.

Training the employees in the right method is also an investment in its own way as there will be minimum loss of time when the actual incident occurs and the employee will be able to avert the danger that may be caused too. Like many other products, the emergency eyewash stations too are available under different brands and in different models. All in all, they have to provide ease of use and also durability to the employer as well as the employees in the work place.

Rechard Jhon is USA Author. He provides national distributor and online supercenter of safety supplies,janitorial supplies and shop and warehouse equipment.He has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of Emergency eyewash stations and OSHA eye wash stations.

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