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Natural Ways To Cure Piles Bleeding Hemorrhoids Problem Effe

by jerameysmith

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Bleeding piles or hemorrhoids, as is known in medical terms are basically the inflamed veins that get swollen in the lower rectum area. Though, Hemorrhoids cannot be termed as a disease, it is an ailment that takes a little while to cure it in the most natural way. Bleeding piles problem generally peaks up in the people who are in the age group of 45-65 years. Our fast paced lifestyle and eating habits has led to the emergence of this problem worldwide. You do not need a costly surgery to cure your piles, infact your kitchen and the kitchen garden is where the remedy begins. It provides you the most profound natural ways to cure bleeding hemorrhoids problem.

Let us discuss few of the best and the most natural ways to cure bleeding hemorrhoids problem, by spending zero money on costly treatments - 


The use of Fibers is the best source not only for the well being of your body to reduce weight but also for a number of treatments. Eating more fibers in your diet can help relieve piles bleeding. Most of the times constipation and inadequate intake of water can lead to piles. Fibers help you soften your stools and lessen the discomfort of pain, swelling and itching. Concentrate eating more whole grains and lots of veggies. Flaxseeds are the best source of fiber for your body. Try using more fibers in your palate, which is the best and natural ways to cure bleeding hemorrhoids in the people of any age group.

Plants and Herbs:

1. Butchers Broom also commonly known by the name knee holly is said to have anti-inflammatory properties that improves the tone of the affected veins in the lower rectum. The extract of this plant helps to shrink the swollen tissue. The plants extract can be used in the form of tea with honey or can simply be applied as an ointment. The active compound in this plant is Ruscogen and should not be used by the people having high blood pressure or a pregnant woman.

2. Bioflavonoids plant compound can be found in many citrus fruits that is an effective remedy for piles. Any product using citrus bioflavonoids can help in reducing the itchiness and discharge. 

3. Triphala, which is an ayurvedic compound made out of combining three fruits is popularly used to regularize the bowel movement. It helps in relieving the constipation. You can make use of chamomile or calendula in a compressed form on the piles directly.

4. The Aloe-Vera gel is the great reliever in reducing the itchiness of the pile, apply it directly to soothe the burning sensation in the affected area.

5. Drinking a glass of milk with half squeezed lemon helps to improve the sensation. Repeat it every three to four hours to see good results.

6. Include kitchen herbs and spices like Mustard, mango seeds, honey, wheatgrass, sesame seeds, cumin seeds in your daily diet that will help reduce the pain and evaluate the waste from your system.

7. Plants like Radish, Onion and Turnip can be used in different recipes to effectively reduce the effect of piles and the irritation it causes. Dry figs and the ripe banana are also the best natural ways to cure bleeding hemorrhoids problem.

8. You can use Pilesgon capsules to naturally cure the bleeding piles problem. Pilesgon capsule is one of the finest and most trusted herbal remedies to cure bleeding piles and provides long lasting relief from piles symptoms.

Other than the above stated remedies, there are number of things that need changes in your life. Doing regular exercise and eating healthy food. The Sitz baths, that is a warm herbal water bath is greatly said to improve the piles problem. Sitting in the Sitz bath for 15-20 minutes per day, 3 to 4 times a day will give effective results as it relaxes the Sphincter muscle associated with hemorrhoids problem.

Remember, that only you have control over your body. So eat natural greens and see the changes!

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