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Euphoric Scents

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Slow down Your Pace with an Intoxicating Aroma

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I buy Waxations candles?” With the advent of the career age, many people have sought comfort through a variety of means. For some, sitting idly amid an HD TV equates to reduced stress. For others, the ability to exercise their most treasured principles and therapeutic practices is calming.

However, recent studies have demonstrated that pleasant aromas activate specific brain regions, associated with higher serotonin levels and more emotional calmness.  Smell is one of the strongest senses, and it is deeply tied to memory. Therefore, it is only natural for a pleasant smelling candle to elicit feelings of happiness in an instant. We are naturally conditioned to associate sweet scents with memories and sentiments of romance, happiness, and love.

They say that positive thoughts can emanate powerful vibrations into the world around you. Positive scents can do the very same.  This equates to lower stress and a better quality of life.

The Health Benefits of Aromatherapy

As noted, scented candles can relax the body physiological, and diminish the effects of stress. Lowering stress can have a significant effect on your health overall.

Before we explore the health benefits of scented candles, it is important to convey the effects of stress.  Stress can result in a condition referred to as adrenal fatigue, which is caused by excessive mental stress. When this fatigues the adrenal glands, it triggers the release of a chemical referred to as cortisol.

When this occurs, an individual can experience excessive fatigue, decreased mental function, weigh gain, and fat storage as well.

Using the power of aromatherapy, such candles can reduce stress, and subsequently offer additional health benefits. This includes increased energy, mental clarity, weight loss, mental efficiency, insulin regulation, enhanced mood, and other great benefits.

Hence, Waxations candles offer far more than meets the eye. They are excellent for décor, and they add a hint of color to your home, as well. Yet, when you consider the long term benefits that they offer, you are making a viable investment in something that you will absolutely love.

Waxations recognizes that their consumers enjoy a variety of different exotic scents, which can be beneficial to one’s mentality, as well as their well being. Different scents can elicit differing experiences, which may entail recalling enjoyable memories, or mentally transporting oneself to another realm. Either way, with regard to sensory perception, every person who purchases one of their candles can benefit extensively.

What else are these candles used for?

Not only can these candles benefit you, but they can serve as excellent gifts as well. Imagine offering your friend a beautiful, decorative, scented gift that can could also reduce stress and improve health? Give the gift of relaxation and buy your candles today. 

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