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Avenues of advertising via Internet and mobile devices

by tdimobilead

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Advertising is an art of communication which persuades a target audience about a particular brand, service or business. The aim of advertising is to endorse the product or service of a company. Advertising helps in creating a brand identity and simultaneously serves as a successful means to communicate to the target group about the value of the product or the service. Advertising is the core of any business. Advertising not only creates a brand identity of a product but also provides awareness among the target group about the brand, service or business. For existing brands, advertising promotes brand recall to existing customers while for new brands; advertising attracts a new pool of target customers.


Advertising can be carried out through different media so that the particular advertisement gains a mass appeal from the target group. Advertising brings a brand to the public through various channels to ensure that the brand or service stays in the loop of any marketing activity in the target market.


Mobile Advertising


 A subset of mobile marketing, mobile advertising is a form of advertising a brand, product, service or business via the cell phones or mobile devices. Mobiles ads provide immediacy or responsiveness as mobile phones are the most personalized devices of an individual. Mobile Advertising is a new territory found for media owners and advertisers who are willing to gauge the market response immediately. Mobile SMS advertising provides brand recall value and creditability for the advertiser. However, to leverage the strength of mobile advertising, timely and reliable delivery of message is paramount. Advertising options via mobile include SMS advertising, contest hosting ads, gaming ads, subscription based alert ads etc. Among all these mobile advertising options, SMS ads are the most popular.

 Internet Advertising

Advertising via internet is quite in vogue in the market. Internet Advertising has gained a similar mass appeal like mobile advertising. Like mobile ads this type of advertising renders effectiveness and immediacy. Mobile and internet both are the personalized devices of an individual hence advertising through these mediums render effectiveness and immediacy as compared to other tools of advertising. Advertising options through internet include banner advertising, viral marketing, PPC, pop-up advertising, affiliate marketing etc. Banner text advertising and PPC are the two most common forms of internet advertising.


Mobile and Internet open new avenues of brand advertising in a more engaging and interacting manner. To sum up, Mobile and Internet ads provide accountability, measurability and reach ability to the advertiser or media owner.


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