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Being a trendy mom is possible

by anonymous

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When you become a mom you seem to forget all about yourself and cant stop living through the eyes of your newborn baby.

You forget you used to do your nails, hair and make up and feel sometimes even like a celebrity! Your new life is your baby, is to feed him, change him, put him to sleep.

After a while you remember that you are a woman and you like to see yourself beautiful and start brushing your hair, taking showers and start shopping a bit.

Of course your shopping includes things to do with your baby, and you get mesmerized with all the new baby and mom accessories out there now. You know that for at least the first two years, you will have to change your baby’s diaper at least 10 times a day, and you think how to look trendy and fashionable while doing this? Then is when you remember somebody mentioning this cute designer wipes cases and changing pads, pouches, etc for your baby’s life and your needs? You saw them at your best friends baby shower and though they were a wallet and another friend had to tell you there were actually boutique baby wipes cases, you were in disbelief, you knew your mom never had any of these, they used to wear cloth diapers and now these trendy designer baby wipes are so in style and you are dying to get one!

This is your excuse to start shopping!

You heard about this website and you start searching online, you can’t believe your eyes, so many option to choose from, they not only have baby travel wipes cases, they also have baby nursery wipes cases, changing pads, blankets and all the things baby need and mommy want!

I didn’t know what to choose from, the vintage print in the antique flor design, the modern prints on the black and white collection, the new and super trendy chevron in pink, navy or aqua, the cool designs on the rhinestone bling collection with the bling skull, bling crown. Another collection I loved was the wild love with the soft cheetah print surrounded by rhinestone crystals. The wild child collection has the huge flowers and Swarovski crystal in the middle.

But I think my favorite of all is the Love Collection. Their boutique baby wipes cases are gorgeous, the chiffon heart are big and they are perfect for any baby shower gift or newborn present, unisex with the black and white zebra, girly or boyish you can find anything you need, brown and pink dots, blue and brown damask or stripes, animal prints like zebra or cheetah designs. Is all there for you.

In AjoBebe we make everything by hand and we are proud every product is made in the USA.We want your baby to have the best, just like our babies do. We have tested all our products in our children and we all love the designer wipes cases the best, even when our babies no longer need a change of diaper, we carry these boutique wipes cases everywhere we go for dirty messes, sticky hands and runny noses, these boxes are always there for us to help!

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