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Masturbation Is A Natural Process By Male And Female

by adultmart

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Truly, there is nothing to feel bad for masturbation. It is a natural process that every female and male do. We all know female masturbators are rare than male masturbators. Now let us discuss how masturbation is a natural process. Now comparing the body function of a female and a male, we find many processes. The respiratory system, the digestive system, the circulatory system and the reproductive system are helpful in the function of the human body. Every system in the human body is equal except the reproductive system. In case of female two breasts and two ovaries are responsible for reproduction. In case of male two testes and a penis is responsible for reproduction. Female sex hormones are called as Estrogen and Progesterone. Estrogen is responsible for breast development and progesterone is responsible for vaginal activities. Here progesterone produces unfertilized eggs called ovum in every month. Likewise, testosterone in male produces unfertilized sperms in men. God has given a natural way for women to release those unfertilized eggs. That natural way is called menstruation. Similarly, the unfertilized sperms need to come out from the men’s body. The way by which male persons release the unfertilized sperm called as masturbation. Suppose all the male masturbators stop masturbating. Then the unfertilized sperms will come out from the body of male by other ways. The other way is called “wet dreams”. If wet dreams will carry out the unused sperms then a person will feel discomfort while sleeping. Because these dreams come generally at night while sleeping. If the sperms need to go from body then why should not we enjoy the phenomenon? That is why people masturbate. It gives better sexual feel and unused sperm will be released. Hence, masturbation is a natural phenomenon. From the above discussion, we become sure about it

        Now we will discuss about demerits of it. Masturbating frequently is bad for health. As we all know anything excess is bad. The natural masturbation occurred twice or thrice a week. More than that amount will affect the health of male masturbators. They will lose the sensation of their penis. Many methods are there to masturbate. Autofellatio is one of the techniques that can be efficient in masturbation. Many people use mechanical devices and many people use sex related thoughts to become aroused. Autofellatio is the method that is called as oral sex. It is the act of oral stimulation of penis.

                        The phenomenon of autofellatio is not easy for all male masturbators. This is possible to them who have enough flexibility of spinal cord and penis size. It is an enjoyable phenomenon in pornography. To perform this job a man need to make his spine flexible. To make the spinal cord flexible yoga can be performed. So autofellatio is not a normal thing. It is very difficult to do. So do not be fool to do it with intension. Masturbation is a beneficial job. Many profits are there of masturbation. It reduces the chance of prostate cancer. It provides good sleep at night.

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