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How to choose your floor cleaning robot

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It may sound like a science fiction but floor cleaning robots exist in reality. In modern time, we all are time strapped and cleaning robots fit perfectly in our households to help floors with ease. These portable cleaning devices are quite effective, efficient and most importantly make your home cleaner.

The cleaning robots suck up the dirt from the grimiest parts of your house – it is their main purpose. But they also need to be smart enough to navigate through your house without knocking things over. So, while choosing floor cleaning robot you need to keep in mind that you must select one that proves to be great cleaning equipment and has the smartest navigation intelligence. But things can get really chaotic with so many choices available in the market.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself before picking up your cleaning mate.

How many rooms need cleaning?

Different robot cleaner can cover different room size and hence, you need to determine the number of rooms that will need cleaning through robots. For efficient cleaning the capacity of the robotic cleaner must match with the room size.

Comparing the available products in the market can help you in narrowing down your options. There are also product comparison charts available on different websites that will help you tally your choice of product with other available options.

Are there stairways to negotiate?

If you want the floor cleaner to clean all the floors which are separated by stairways then you may need to consider one that comes with a good navigation sensory technology. Not all robotic floor cleaners are created equal and you may not expect same level of efficiency from all of them.  Although most of the brands brag to be the market leader in robotic floor cleaners but some of them do not come with efficient navigation technology. Hence, some of their products simply can’t ascend or descend stairways.

Do you want efficient navigation?

If your floor is normally cluttered with stuffs then you might want a floor cleaner with efficient navigation sensory that will not get stuck under furniture and don’t bump into things. In this regard, you can choose a company which has earned the respect from others. It can move gracefully through your rugs, shoes, magazines, furniture stumps etc. Even if it hits into something it apologetically backs off without trying to deal with the object with brute force.

Does it suit your budget?

You can’t, however, buy a floor cleaning robot without considering your budget. Comparing the different models available in the market will help you build a fair idea about their costs. You can compare their functionalities against the price tags attached before deciding on buying. Today, comparison charts are available online where you can compare your choice of floor cleaning robot with the rest others. Nonetheless, you must go through the customer feedback and ratings as well in order to make the right choice among the different choices available.

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