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Cycling in India - An Overview

by anonymous

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In real sense, cycling is a good way to work out your body. If you happen to be living in India, then you must have cherished those good old childhood days when you first learned to paddle your bike. Isn’t it? Cycling has gained widespread popularity among kids, youngsters and adults alike.

In India, bicycle is one of the most popular means of transport. Whether among affluent or poor, old and young, you will definitely find each one of them to own a bicycle. Regardless of caste, creed, colour, race and status, bicycles have entered each and every household within the country.

While in other countries like France where cycling events are organized throughout the year, in India, you can see cycling limited as a means of transport for most people. However, cycling events are organized in some parts of the country these days. Such events draw a large number of crowds not only from India but around the world. Additionally, India being a melting pot of different cultures, group tours are quite common in this part of the world.

There are different tourist destinations and a range of activities to take part in India. Designed for the tourists, a group tour to India is often organized on cycles. It offers a great opportunity for the tourists willing to discover the real India. Those tourists who want to undertake the off the beaten tracks in India, can select bicycles in India to enjoy the best of Indian vacations.

There are many group tour organisers who have been promoting this new concept of travelling in India. For the complete strangers but sharing some similar sightseeing priorities, special group tour packages are offered which cater to the individual needs of the travellers. The best part of cycling in India is that you can discover your desired destinations, meet warm and welcoming people of this people all through your journey. Who knows you can end up being friends with some of them?

The fun, frolic and thrill associated with the different adventure activities, especially when riding to an unknown place will surely excite you. For those who love to be different and want to share a common platform to bond together with the natives and residents collectively in a completely new place, must enjoy their similar travelling trips.

Cycling was introduced in the sub continent back in 1938. Since then cycling enjoys a huge popularity among the masses. It is one of the best recreational activities. There are many trails that have been prepared for the bikers and most organizations and groups are engaged to organize different tournaments and competitions particularly for mountain biking. It is a great activity and can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. Hence, it is an easy way to enjoy the beautiful gaming experience through bike riding.

Last but not the least, some cycling groups have come up with extreme paths. Whether its for snow cycles or other adventure cycling activities, you are sure to enjoy the extreme gaming experience using the bikes. 

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