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What is a Web Key and How to Use them in the Marketing Scena

by connectweb1

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USB Web Keys are a great new innovation that provides quite an edge to any business in effectively communicating with their customers and prospects. They basically are devices which can be used with PC and MAC with USB ports. When plugged in, they take the user to a pre-determined webpage which should ideally contain all the communication. Unlike their USB flash drive counterparts, these USB web keys do not require a memory that can be re-written. They are also available in the form of micro chips which make them a useful tool for our marketing efforts. The following article aims to discuss some of the cutting edge solutions to our marketing strategies provided by this innovation.

A Unique Stage for Communication

Studies have shown that any marketing material should be capable of grasping the attention of its recipients in order for it to have the maximum effect. If this is the case, then a webkey in USB infrastructure is definitely worth considering. These devices can be easily embedded in our marketing materials such as brochures, advertising cards and mailers to name a few. This new and unique innovation is sure to poke the curiosity of our prospects and have them checkout the landing page stored on it. This builds an interesting bridge for us to help put the message across with a high degree of success.

A Green Initiative

We currently live on an Earth which is rapidly degenerating as far the natural resources are concerned. It is very important to strike a balance with nature even for our own survival. Hence any organization that is conscious of its carbon footprint will definitely use new technological innovations to help reduce the burden on Mother Nature. Web keys for USB ports are one such technological solution that will drastically reduce the need for paper. Warranty, User Manuals, Product specification and other required documents can be put up on the landing webpage of the web key, thereby eliminating the use of paper for these necessary documents. As discussed in the above paragraph, even our marketing tools can do without the use of paper.


We have seen many companies design USB flash drives to have their logos and contain some communication within them. A USB Webkey works in a similar manner but there are several advantages of using them over the traditional flash drive alternative. Not only are they cost-effective but can also be greatly customized.

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