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Life in a PR agency is not for the shy, apprehensive or unimaginative. It is also not for individuals who cannot do without their eight hours of sleep each night.

Because the public relations world is such a vibrant, creative and busy working surroundings, life in a PR agency is definitely for confident, imaginative and smart-phone addicted individuals.

PR agency work is not all about glamorous and stylish parties or being paid to spend hours Face-booking and tweeting. Working for a PR agency is hard and pressurised, but ultimately, very rewarding.

Take a glance at what fills a day in the life of a PR agency executive.

Whether you are delivering your message dressed as a character from Star Wars, arranging a publicity stunt at the local supermarket or meeting and greeting the great and the nice at a blue chip presentation, you'll soon realise that there is no such thing as a typical day in the life of a PR agency executive and that anything goes while you are at work.

Creativity on Constant Demand

They are the individuals who are busy capturing ideas and ideas on their smart-phones when they are out and about with friends or in the midst of a meal in a restaurant. They are at the music festivals writing down their observations on crowd interaction and engagement tactics. They are also the ones fighting the urge to text their colleagues whilst driving after noticing something that has sparked their imagination.

While relatives and friends while away their hours in dull offices or factory floors watching the clock slowly tick by, the PR executive will be dreaming up catchy campaign slogans, piecing together dynamic press statements, dashing to deliver media goodies and designing info-graphics to share on social networking sites.

Attention Shifts and Variety

Working for a PR agency means they are always alive to new ideas - their minds are always ticking over.

It is Fun but Hard Work

It could be road safety day and the local pizza shop promotion the next. Working at a public relations agency requires them to shift concentration from subject to the next at the drop of a hat. They are continually thinking of new angles to approach situations. Because of this, there is never a dull day at a PR agency. Boredom does not exist.

Your clients will always expect you to be on top of your game. They will demand that you deliver results and will put you under immense pressure. Your clients will expect you to be up to speed on the latest trends and fashions in the marketing world and it will be your duty to be the font of all knowledge about all these subjects. Don't be fooled, PR agency work is hard.

In the event you pick to work at a PR agency you will be entering a very rewarding and fun occupation. You will have the freedom to express yourself and get stuck in to fascinating and challenging projects and campaigns.

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