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5 Solid Reasons Why Android Apps are So Popular Today

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Each user, nowadays, has options to choose from a variety of mobile devices running on different operating systems. But the Android, launched by Google on 21st October 2008, is hugely popular in comparison to other popular mobile operating systems. Unlike iOS and Windows, Android is free as well as open source. The absence of any copyright protection and restrictions encourage developers to launch new apps and upgrade existing apps to target the Android mobile device users.

Similar to the developers, many users love to download and use some of these popular Android apps. The smartphones and tablets, normally, come with some of the most popular and commonly used Android apps. At the same time, a user also has option to choose from a large number of free and paid apps available at the Android Market. Many reports have highlighted why Android is more popular than other mobile operating systems. But one can also cite some reasons that make Android apps popular among users residing in various parts of the world.

1. Huge Android Mobile Device User Base: Most users download apps that are compatible with their mobile device. So the popularity of mobile apps can be linked directly to the popularity of the mobile device and operating systems. According to a report posted on UnlockWindows, “Around 33 percent of smartphones operate on Android, which is an open source and Linux based OS backed by the giant search engine – Google, along with the big hardware and software players like Samsung, HTC, ARM, Motorola, Ebay (falling under Open Handset Alliance). Google simply operates the official Android Market that carries out around 150,000 apps, with more than 3.7 billion downloads. The current Android version is Android 4.1, and more advance versions are likely to remain on the top over the coming years.” The figures clearly indicate the reason behind the huge popularity of Android apps.

2. Regular App Launch and Updates: The large market share of Android mobile operating system encourages users to develop new apps to target the right segment of mobile users. The absence stringent copyright restrictions make it easier for companies to list apps at the Google Play. However, a developer has to comply with the content and ad policy of the Google. Many developers also upgrade their apps with new features to impress the existing and new users. The regular launch of new apps and updated version of existing apps also contribute towards making the Android apps so much popular.

3. Apps to Suit Your Specific Needs: Each Android mobile operating system upgrade enables users to download more apps developed by third-party developers. So a user has options to experiment with a variety of apps to suit his requirements and choice. The operating system further allows users to drag apps from the main menu, and add these to the home screen. Along with downloading the apps to meet his needs, a user can also run the app immediately to perform certain tasks. For instance, a blogger can use specialized Android blogging apps to note down the relevant information and ideas within a few seconds.

4. Large Number of Free Apps: Similar to the mobile operating system, the prices of the mobile apps also have a huge impact on their popularity. Each user wants to download and use apps without incurring any expenses. A large number of Android apps can be downloaded from the Android Market for free. At the same time, a user can use the free version of popular apps to check their features and performance. Once the user is happy with the free version, he can upgrade the app to avail additional features and facilities. Regardless of the need of a user, he has options to choose from several specialized apps launched by different developers.

5. Compatibility with New Mobile Operating Systems: A recent technological development will further enhance the popularity of Android apps. As many reports have highlighted, the Android apps can now run on the Windows operating system through popular software known as Wine. The cross-compatibility of apps will make it easier for users to access apps of their choice, irrespective of their mobile device model and operating system. The huge number of Android apps will become more popular among the users of Apple and Windows mobile devices.

Many analysts have highlighted why Android scores higher than other popular mobile operating system. Some of the key advantages provided by the operating system will also benefit the Android apps. These developments will further enable user to access the best apps without changing their existing smartphones or tablets. And this is how
Android app development will evolve.

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