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Ruby on Rails: A Perfect Tool for Web Application Dev

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The developers frequently explore affordable options to develop and maintain websites. At the same time, the ongoing recessional phase of the economy has compelled many developers to curtail the development time, while providing enhanced and improved user experience. Since its public release in 2006, many developers are using Ruby on Rails (popularly referred as Rails) to develop robust websites for clients belonging to different industries and regions.

The popular scripting language was developed in 1993, and was inspired by several scripting languages like Python, Perl, Smalltalk, Ada, Lisp and Eiffel. But Rails is more object-oriented than Python and more powerful than Perl. The framework of Rails looks a bit similar to the PHP framework. But the well designed and unambiguous code structure makes writing codes and developing websites more enjoyable and fun.

Also, developers constantly work on improving the cross-platform open source framework to incorporate more efficient and effective features. Many developers also prefer Rails an advanced MVC framework. The entire application is divided into three layers, such as, the model, the view and the controller. The framework also consists of a wide variety of independent libraries. The combination of several layers and separate libraries makes it more convenient and easier for developers to write robust web applications within a short span of time.

Why Ruby on Rails Scores Over Other Frameworks?
Using Rails to build websites may not be a low cost or affordable. But the initial investment enables you to avail certain benefits like reduced launch time, easy to incorporate changes, and support of a robust community.

Reduced Launch Time: The recessional phase of the global manager has made it essential for software development companies to launch robust web apps within a very short timeframe. In comparison to other frameworks, you can use Rails to develop and launch the website within a very shorter period of time. As you can use the existing codes and plugins, it will be easier for reduce the time required to write comprehensive codes.

Easy to Incorporate Changes: With most companies launching web application at regular intervals, you have to constantly add new and advanced features to your website. Once you develop and launch the website using Rails, it will be easier for you to incorporate the required changes and add new features. These options will help you in improving user experience without putting much time and effort.

Enhanced Quality and Scalability: The reduced app development time and easy to incorporate changes will save you money on launching and maintain websites. While you can add new features to enhance the website quality, the option will further help you in achieving greater scalability and use experience. You may have to invest some funds to develop a large website using rails, but the website will get you high returns in the long run.

What Sites can You Develop Using Ruby on Rails?
You can consider using Rails to develop a wide variety of websites. Each web application will avail several benefits from Rails’ user-friendly and efficient features.

Ecommerce Portals: Many owners find it a daunting task to maintain and update their ecommerce websites on a regular basis. As Rails enable you to develop and maintain websites within a short time span, you can easily run a robust website using its modular approach and easy-to-use features. These features will also allow you to design the website by incorporating the features offered by expensive and high-end website ecommerce suites.

Social Networks: If you are planning to build a membership website or social network, it is important to concentrate on achieving high scalability and quality. Some of the features offered by Rails make it easier for you to build and maintain such website. Rails offer you a wide range of plugins to improve the user experience by overcoming all types of social networking challenges.

Content Management System: Rails also offers you the best solution to run a comprehensive online content management system. The content management website will be accessed by a large number of users, and deliver content in text, audio, video or multimedia formats. The easy-to-use features of the Rails will enable users to navigate the website in a quicker and smart way. At the same time, the features will make it easier for you to upload and manage content on a regular basis.

The huge popularity of Ruby on Rails can be determined based on some of the large websites designed using this technology. Some organizations like HP, NASA and Intel use the technology internally, whereas Rails is also used externally by popular brands like MTV, Twitter and YellowPages. This is what makes
Ruby on Rails development so popular.

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