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How to Start a Website

by anonymous

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Today is internet day, about every one is using internet this due to great information and technology in this field. About teacher, doctor even student of fifth class using internet. Some people are using internet just to enjoy videos, games, join Pakistani chat room, watching videos, playing games, reading articles, send free sms and other entertainment way. But some professional people are using internet for their work or business. My this article is about online business because most of new generation getting more interest in internet to earn online money. There are many ways to earn online money and own website is one of way to earn online money. Today website owner are earning about 500$+ from a small website. If you are also going to start a website and want to earn money from website then please read these some useful information to start a website.

1. Type of Content:

First of all you must need to think about the content of website, on which topic or content you want to start a website. Keep in mind don’t start website with illegal content or other unacceptable content from Google. Because, you need an adsense account to earn from website and if Google will not accept your website then no more need to work on your website. Therefore web content is most important part to start a website. You can generate allot of traffic from mp3 songs, download songs, and other illegal content but your website will not be acceptable from Google and you cannot earn money from your website. There are others publishers websites, that will be helpful to earn money but not good from adsense.

2. Chose Domain:

Second more important thing to start a website is choosing domain name. You should chose domain name that’s related with your keywords, because you need search engine optimization on good keyword. If you want to optimization on chat room keyword then your domain name should be like chat etc. Your domain also related your web content as I write if you are starting a entertainment related domain then your content should be about entertainment like videos, Pakistani chat rooms, games, tips and tricks, reviews, free sms and others. I know today to find simple and good domain name is difficult, but you can chose domain name related with your content. You can add something more words like, etc. Another thing to chose domain name, you should chose a short domain name that people can easily remind. You can buy domain with any LTD like .net, .pk, .org and other that’s available.

3. Chose Web Hosting

Another thing to think before starting a website is web hosting. Always chose best hosting that have about 99% uptime server. Check these things bandwidth, space before buying a web hosting. Some other more features like email accounts, parked domain etc are not most important, but if you can take a look on them if you need.You should check a trial hosting account, if not available then contact other users those are using that’s server hosting. Must chose trusted hosting companies that have good server. Try to get a server with short hosted website, due to short websites no load taken during opening site and your website can be open easily.Chose good server hosting and that is secured from ddos and other attacking tools

4. Work Experience

You should start a website on that content in which you have interest and experience. It’s mean if you are master in tips and tricks then you should start a website about tips and tricks, because it will be easy to update content daily. Other benefit of this you can guide your users easily and more deeply if you have experience about your website content.

5. Choosing a Script

If you are going to start a website with own script then it is most best and good. But if you are first time to website field then you need a simple and easily useable script to start a website, then chose a script which have good features and security. Security very important on your website so, try to chose secured script. Now most useable, easily and with great featured scripts are wordpress, joomla and drupal. But you can chose other if you think that is more secured from these.

I have shared these steps for my new friends that have interested in website development. I was confused when going to start my first website but now I can decide every thing easily due to my experience. Therefore I shared my short experience with my friends. Hope you will get help from my this little article. If you have any problem or any question you can discuss in comments.


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