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Window Treatments: Marrying Style and Security

by roxietenner

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Next to the door itself, the only other entrance into a house is from the windows. Windows give view of the outdoors from within the home, and may be opened to allow right ventilation. They also enable the sun to shine from them, supplying a home natural lighting throughout the day.

As useful and soothing it is to have natural lighting from the sun, it can work against homeowners due to the warmth it brings. In addition, cold drafts throughout winter can seep through the windows, and they can make the house very cold for comfort. Homeowners can remedy these problems by installing protective window treatments over their casements.

Window treatment is an extensive term that can pertain to the different shades, drapes, and blinds that may be affixed over windows. They come in a huge selection of colors and designs, like timeless draperies, functional roller shades, durable venetian blinds, and layered honeycomb shades. With many kinds, homeowners can choose any design that would best suit the look of the space they would be put up in.

Aside from being a decor, window treatments may be utilized to shut out the sun, which can noticeably reduce the level of radiant heat that enters into the house-- heat caused by sunlight may be kept out by a mere drapery, and this can translate to energy costs savings. This can potentially lower the cooling expenses of a house. Furthermore, insulating window treatments can prevent cold breezes from getting into the house by stopping their advance the minute they slip through the windows.

Temperature level moderating aside, window treatments can also function as instruments for privacy. With window treatments covering transoms from the outside, nosy neighbors can no longer spy over one's house. Thick enough window treatments can even block out loud sounds originating from the outside to a degree.

Windows may not be entry points per se but they can bring in problems like extreme temperatures and meddlesome outsiders. Homeowners need to equip all their windows with treatments in order to stop unwanted elements from getting into their houses. For homeowners needing a few ideas for window treatments, they can go to




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