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Things to Keep in Mind to Find Quality Discount Auto Parts

by enochross

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The automotive parts trade of Canada was valued at approximately 34 Billion CAD, back in 2003. It remains an important component of the country's larger automobile sector, despite the pitfalls it experienced since then. At present, there are a number of automobile components of different quality available; for this reason, listed below's a guide on how to choose those of high quality.


Similar to the United States, the Great White North also uses a vehicle identification number (VIN) to help recognize one car from another. Preferably, a car's spare parts have to be from a different auto with a similar VIN. You should examine the VIN of the component you've purchased to see if it can function wonderfully with your car, and this can be done by looking for the VIN itself or looking at the dealership's records for that part. Those who offer auto parts at discount prices may also assist you with "decoding" the VIN.

It is definitely worth bearing in mind that, at least in Canada, not all information in the VIN is common to all automobile types. For instance, if the VIN is short, it's most likely from a trailer dolly since its VIN only has information on make, series, and axle configuration. A VIN from a passenger automobile has all that info, plus series, engine type, body type, restraint system types, and more.


Auto parts are very easy to duplicate, and these duplicates may not provide the exact same quality as legitimate spare parts. One means to know if the component is genuine or not is to crosscheck its markings with a legitimate one. Any visual error is a dead giveaway that the part is only a copy.


Reliable discount auto parts shops provide warranties and guarantees to their parts, and this is generally an excellent sign that the parts they offer are genuine. One online store in Canada requires its clients to fill out and send a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form before a replacement part can be given.

As always, an accountable consumer needs to always have an analytical state of mind. Do not be too excited to seal the deal if you find them at bargain prices. For more pointers in getting car parts, visit:

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