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Some Useful Army Surplus Products for You

by zelliwillshon

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All needs would be full fill through a nearby army surplus store. You can
get all these products which are so essential to all. There are some of them
mentioned below which are so essential for you.



Army Surplus is an authorized dealer of Zippo lighters. Are
you looking for a high quality reliable lighter? Then take a look through the
selection we have here at Army Surplus, there are some fantastic designs and
styles for you to choose from. If you are a great outdoors lover then we even
stock Zippo lighters that have camouflage designs on them. Competitive prices
and great customer service offered by Army Surplus makes this the place to find
a Zippo lighter suitable for your needs. A reliable trustworthy lighter that
you can take with you when you are enjoying your outdoor pursuits.


Flags and

Here at Army Surplus Stores
we stock a great range of flags and badges for all needs. Maybe you run a
survival course school or you are just a collector of all things Militia.
Whatever your reason for wanting military flags and badges then take a look
through the items in stock here at Army Surplus. Flags available from Army
Surplus are the Union Jack, the St. Georges Cross and the Welsh Dragon Flag, in
various sizes down to a hand held St. Georges Cross, useful if you have a group
of people who are supporting an English team or individual at an event.

ID Holders

Keeping your ID in a safe holder when you are participating
in anything in the great outdoors you need to know that it will be kept clean,
dry and safe for the duration of the pursuits. At Army Surplus we stock ID
holders that are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts of all types. There is the Viper
3 Way Holder which means your ID can be carried on your wrist or around your
neck or mounted on your belt whichever is the most suitable for your individual
needs. Army surplus also stock wrist mounted ID holders as well as chain
mounted ID holders. All the Id holders are fantastic prices and of high quality
here at Army Surplus.



Ammo Boxes

How important is it to keep all ammunition in a safe sturdy
metal box? Essential at all times. If you follow an outdoor pursuit where
ammunition is needed such as hunting or clay pigeon shooting then you will need
an ammunition box. Here at Army surplus we stock genuine military issue
ammunition boxes. The ammunition boxes are all water and fire proof ensuring
that the contents are kept safe under all circumstances. The ammunition boxes
at Army Surplus are also very useful for many things other than storing
ammunition in them, they can be used for storing almost anything you like that
needs to be safe, dry, rodent proof and fire proof.



If you own an air rifle then you will know and understand
that you need to have the best quality airgun pellets that you can get your
hands on. Here at Army Surplus we have a selection of airgun pellets for you to
choose from. We stock both .22 and .177 calibre airgun pellets. The Spitfires
are precision bullets manufactured by a specialist company in the United
Kingdom under strict conditions that ensure accuracy and are suitable for pest
control too. Take a look through the airgun pellets that Army Surplus has to
offer, you won't be disappointed.


You can also log-on to-:   for
further information. When it comes to your military equipments, you should
enjoy nothing but the best.






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