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Fun Things to Do in Charlotte

by williams12

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Charlotte Charter Bus trips are very popular among travelers from all over the United States, and there are very good reasons why this destination is so popular. Charlotte is a great city with lots to offer to its visitors, and you should know that when it comes to activities available to you in Charlotte, there will be enough to do even if you decide to stay here for months. Find out about some interesting things to do and places to see in this city.


The Charlotte Comedy Zone


If you are a fan of standup comedy, then the Comedy Zone is the perfect place to visit in the city. You can get free tickets through their official website, but once you get in, expect to pay for snacks and drinks. There are two acts per night, and while the first act is not always the funniest ever, the second will without a hint of doubt be a killer!




How can we not mention NASCAR when talking about Charlotte? Even if you are not a fan of car racing, you will still have a great time at a real NASCAR race. Whatever you do, do not forget to bring sun block and your favorite pair of sunglasses, as staying for the entire race can cause some serious sun burns.




No one really knows why, but bowling seems to be very popular in Charlotte. So, when in Rome… Jump into a pair of bowling shoes, grab a few of your friend or family members, and go have some fun at the nearest bowling alley you can find!


Freedom Park


After bowling, you will probably need a place to relax, and what better place to relax than a park? With almost 100 acres of land, the Freedom Park is the perfect place to visit with your kids and have a picnic.

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