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Slim Up with Pure Barre in Austin

by nicolaservin

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The thoughts of holiday parties are a long way behind you, but the effects of year-end binges from Chuy's Parade to First Night Austin constantly torment you each time you get on a weighing scale. Do not abandon all your hopes just yet; you can still look as slim as the ballerinas on Youtube by participating in this new fitness trend. Here's what you should find out about Pure Barre in Austin.

Pure Barre is an extreme, hour-long workout session influenced by ballet and Pilates that targets the core. Created in 2001 by professional dancer and choreographer Carrie Rezabek, this type of exercise is a mix of aerobic and strength training that also targets problem areas like the thighs and tummies. This exercise is very popular among women who have just given birth and wish to regain the figure.

It makes use of a method used in dance called tucking which is a core aspect of a neutral spine posture. Exaggerated tucking and un-tucking works pelvic floor and lower abdominals acutely. Pilates and weight training are also integrated into classical ballet practices to reinforce, lengthen, and sculpt the body.

Wear clothing made of stretchy material that will allow you to move with ease when you do Pure Barre. What makes it different from other workouts is that you should wear socks. Any type would do, but pure barre socks with grip-bits on the bottom are highly recommended. A rope-band, yoga balls, and a set of dumbbells are supplied by gyms in Austin for students. Of course, the feature that takes center stage is the ballet barre that is used for stretching and strengthening exercises.

This workout is perfect for those who have joint problems because it does not include any bouncing or jumping. Small, intrinsic actions have results like doing low impact exercise with multiple repetitions, so you do not have to worry about gaining bulk while developing muscle. Additionally, sessions require much focus that you obtain the similar mental benefits attained in yoga or meditation.

The trick to staying fit is keeping yourself interested in exercise by trying on brand-new things. Stick it out; after as little as ten sessions, you could be among the many students of Pure Barre who enjoy the good results of this extreme workout. For more information, visit

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