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What is IVF surrogacy & what is IVF procedure

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India is one such country where surrogacy has been legalized in spite of its legal hassles. Surrogacy today has been seen as a bold treatment and not unlike the olden days. though many countries have not legalized surrogacy India has considered it to be legal as it does not involve any crime under it and with people’s support it is very well legal in India. Surrogacy is seen as a gift of good for those couple who have fertility problems. The woman who gives birth to a baby for the sake of a couple is usually termed to be a surrogate. She is not the legal mother of the unborn child but a surrogate mother as she is just the carrier of the child.

In India surrogate mothers are very easily available in the various fertility centers and other research centers. These surrogate mothers are the women who help couples with baby. They rent their womb for the couple baby for a period of nine months and after the birth of the baby she does not have any right over the born child as according to the law the child’s rights are upon its biological parents. These surrogate mothers have good experience and usually do it as their profession.

In India surrogacy however became legal only a few years back couple who are without child have really been favored upon. Many foreign countries however have been practicing the art of surrogacy for quite some time, today India too stands as a leading country which practices surrogacy.  There are basically two methods of surrogacy namely IVF (Gestational surrogacy) and Traditional/ natural surrogacy. The IVF surrogacy is a very common form of surrogacy where a woman gets pregnant from the egg and sperm received by the genetic couple.  The egg of the wife is fertilized by the sperms of the husband in the vitro by the IVF procedure. After the procedure the embryo is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate thus carries the baby for 9 months and hence the bibs is genetically also linked to the surrogate along with its genetic parents.   

 Becoming a surrogate mother is any day a difficult profession as compared to any other.   Because surrogacy is something which only bold women’s can take over. Today we see many single women taking this profession and it is solely because of the many fertility centers of our country because of which surrogacy and IVF has gained so much popularity among the people. Today we find that couples have become bold enough and rely completely on surrogacy and with surrogate mothers available easily in India it has become even easier.

Hence on the whole surrogacy is a very good process of delivering babies’ especially for those couples or wives who think they can never have a baby of their own because . Above all we can say that it is today regarded as a very safe and reliable procedure of delivering babies.

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