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Ed Hardy Shirts: The Birth of Street Fashion

by JimmyChoo

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Street fashion, hippy and grooving, is the single trendiest brand of modern fashion clothing. As proof enough, the number of street fashion lines and brands in the market today indicates a lucrative market niche that is still underexploited. Nonetheless, despite there being more than a dozen and one brands priding themselves to be champions of street fashion, Ed Hardy stands proud and tall as one of the most desirable.

Walking down any hood irrespective of the season, the number of Ed Hardy shirts worn by the youthful American generation will state in no lean terms that Ed Hardy is king of the streets. With its appealing tattoo design the Ed hardy clothing line stands unique as the one brand every American youth can identify with; youths here referring to teenagers as well as the early forty’s hot bloods.

You would not expect less from a world renowned brand that was inspired by the American tattoo art celebrity Ed Hardy. Having gained street fame in books and becoming a leading expert in tattooing techniques, Ed was finally to bestow his talent in a clothing line that fully embraced the streets he knew better than most. With the sponsorship of a reputed fashion mega house, Christian Audiger, the Ed Hardy clothing line was born depicting the finest of Ed’s tattoo art. This is certainly amongst the few most astonishing beginnings of brands that would later shape the look, color and art of American fashion forever.

Today Ed Hardy shirts are not just popular - they are the definition of American street fashion. And this is not just some backstreets in non-entity cities but every American street from Hollywood to Queens. Madonna, Sylvester Stallone and Britney spears are just but a sample of the celebrity Ed Hardy shirts fanatics. The line today features shirts for both men and women. We even have fabulous collections of Ed Hardy shirts for kids.

From T-shirts to active wear, swim trucks to sweaters, denim to outwear, button-up shirts to tops, the Ed Hardy line is a sensational code in the street fashion industry today. These are then complemented by street modeled Ed Hardy accessories such as caps, belts, scarves, socks, shoes, jeweler, ties, sunglasses, wallets and the like.

When all is said and done, Ed Hardy shirts remain a most successful item in street fashion sales for all time. These shirts combine an artistic look that resounds in appeal and uniqueness, having been printed on an amazing quality of cloth material and given the blaze of street-friendly colors. The Ed Hardy brand dominates the wardrobes of street-smart fashion connoisseurs and Ed hardy shirts are always either worn or in the laundry basket. This indeed is the true mark of legendary success for a street fashion icon, the Ed Hardy phenomena.

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