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Industrial Remote Controls Ensure the Boom Truck Safety

by ElizabethJ

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Safety is paramount for any heavy industries as they largely require the use of heavy industrial equipment. Every effort should be made to keep work sites as safe as possible because there have risk injury for the work crews when handling these machines. The industries that are using such machinery strive should take the help of safety courses, various certifications, ANSI and OSHA Requirements and better developed equipment, manufacturers to provide safer working conditions for workers. The development of the new technology in Wireless industrial remote control for the operation of a boom and crane support the system is very popular nowadays.


There are no of ways by which the boom trucks can be operated. These processes are there since the technology being developed. Usually the control is from either inside vehicle or from external controls on the chassis. But in both operations, the arrangements can leave a operators exposed to certain risks, such as a malfunctioning boom, the drooping of heavy items, unbalanced vehicles that tip over or even accidental electrocution. Sometimes it is simply unavoidable job or an unfortunate part when working with machinery that handles such as large tools.


Boom truck technology has advanced to Wireless industrial remote control with all risk factors in mind. With the help of the distant control this machines greatly increases the job safety by removing operators and all other workers from the immediate operating area of these machines. The worst damage should be the loss of the equipment or the load being lifted while human lives are protected in case of an accident such as dropping a load, tipping over, or a boom malfunction. Industrial remote controls also offer the ability to operate multiple ton units with precision, without the associated risks that have caused serious injuries and even deaths in the past.


Yes it has some problems also. The remote operation of such heavy machinery is not full proof. Its radioactive frequency and the job site location can cause interference between the operator and the device. It is a notable concern and an additional safety issues.


When you use the military developed, spread spectrum radio frequencies and remote devices designed to alleviate such problems, then there are some advancement waiting for you to help. Radio signals from these devices makes the other types unable to interfere with this device’s signal as it moves faster than other types of radio frequencies. Some manufacturers begin to look toward the exclusive use of such technology with a higher safety record and more proven effectiveness in preventing radio interference.

These types of Industrial remote controls will greatly increase vehicle production costs due to the inclusion of such a high tech component; it is a big concern also. There is more sophisticated radio technology for making such units more expensive. It is a big controversy over whether or not larger manufacturers will regularly use this newer. This is not the enough, there are also some pros and cons of standardizing a more expensive remote control technology.

BASE Engineering designs excellent wireless industrial remote control for different engineering and commercial purposes. Since 1996 over 50,000 BASE systems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. As a result of this design effort we have the confidence to offer a four year, no hassle, and replacement warranty on every product we manufacture. Industrial remote controls, in our hand, have moved into the next level.

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