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Surrogacy is a Recognized Process of Reproduction

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Surrogacy is a recognized process of reproduction whereby a lady consent to become pregnant for the reason of nourishing and giving birth to a baby she will not raise but will give over to the intended parents or party.

DEFINITION- “Surrogacy is an agreement between the intended parent and the Surrogate, which expresses their necessity and fully volitional desire to opt for Assisted Reproductive Technique of Surrogacy, whereby the surrogate shall bear and gestate the embryo of the Intended Parents.”


Altruistic surrogacy- In simple words can be described as free surrogacy. In this case the surrogate mother can be one of close friend or relative. In this case although surrogate is not getting any monetary rewards but all the expenses related to the pregnancy and delivery are paid by the prospective parents such as maternity clothing, medical expenses, and other associated expenses.

Traditional Surrogacy- In this process, artificial insemination is done with the surrogate. Surrogate women’s eggs are used and to fertilise the eggs sperms of intended father is used. Artificial insemination is done using fresh or frozen sperm or is impregnated with the help of IUI also known as intrauterine insemination, or ICI also known as intra cervical insemination which is carried out at a fertility clinic.

Gestational Surrogacy- In this process, IVF technology is employed. Where eggs from the intended mother fertilised is planed into the womb of surrogate mother. It is also known as Host Surrogacy Method. Under this procedure surrogate mother is called as gestational carrier.

Commercial Surrogacy- In this sort of surrogacy a gestational carrier is paid to bear the kid from conceiving till delivery in her womb. This process is legal in various different nations of the globe such as India. But few states in Europe & USA consider commercial surrogacy illegal. Commercial surrogacy is sometimes called as the wombs for rent, outsourced pregnancies or baby farms these are few offensive terms used in against of commercial surrogacy.

Some surrogates and intended parents who choose to utilize a India surrogacy, while others do not. There are several pros and cons to using a surrogacy agency:-

1.The toughest job of a Surrogacy agency is to match prospective parents with a surrogate mother that fulfils their requirements. This can be a tricky feature of surrogacy, as many prospective parents merely are unable to identify where to start from.

2.For those couples who don’t have experience in surrogacy procedure, in such a case surrogacy agency help both parents and surrogates with all documentations, scheduling testing, managing appointments for surrogacy measures and processes. This can take much of the improbability and strain out of the surrogacy. Agencies are packed of experience and both intended parents and surrogate mothers can take advantage of that skill and experience.

3.Surrogacy is costly. Prospective parents that are hunting to use an agency in their surrogacy will discover themselves paying thousands of funds for the services rendered against surrogacy. Many prospective parents cannot afford this extra cost to surrogacy. In all these cases, a surrogate agency is rewarded by the prospective parents. Each surrogacy journey is different from each other.


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