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How to get back or Retrieve Lost Hotmail account .

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Hotmail is Microsoft's popular internet-based email service. However, because of its popularity with Internet users, Hotmail is a target for hackers and spammers, and some users have experienced unfortunate situations in which someone has hijacked their Hotmail account to send out unwanted emails, known as spam. Many of these cases also resulted in the user losing their Hotmail contacts--a list of people and email addresses with whom you exchange communications. Some malware can also cause this problem. Unfortunately, the only way to retrieve deleted Hotmail contacts is to enlist the help of a Windows Live Support technician.

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Visit the Hotmail Support Forum and click the link that reads "Ask A Question."

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Create a Windows Live Solution Center account when prompted, if you do not already have one. Enter a user name in the text field provided and confirm your email address to create a new account. If you already have an account, sign in using your user name when prompted.

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Create your post. In the page that appears after you sign in or create an account, you will need to enter a subject title for the post by filling in the "Describe your question or problem" text field. Use a subject title that will easily grab the attention of a technician who is used to this problem and keep an eye out for it. Enter a phrase such as "My Hotmail contacts disappeared" or something similar.

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Fill in the body of your forum post in the text field labeled "Add details." Tell the Windows Live Support technician the presumed reason you lost your contacts and provide the technician with your Hotmail address. Enter the email addresses of at least three of your lost contacts. Your final post should resemble this:
"When I opened my Hotmail account this morning, my contacts were gone and it seemed someone else had sent emails out of the account, so I presume someone hijacked my account. My email address is XYZ and three of my contacts were ABC and PQR. Could a technician please restore these contacts for me?"

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Wait for a response from a Windows Live Support Center technician. The technician will likely respond directly to your post on the forum, which you can see by refreshing the forum post; you will also receive an email notification. Follow any further instructions, the technician may have to retrieve your deleted Hotmail contacts.


Tips & Warnings

  • If you believe someone hijacked your email account, you should change your account settings for Hotmail. Microsoft suggests that, at a minimum, you should change your password, security question and the alternate email address you listed with Hotmail.
  • An example of a Hotmail Support Forum post dealing with deleted contacts is included in the "References" section of this article.
  • If you accidentally deleted a Hotmail contact, it is easier to just re-create the contact from scratch than to attempt this process to retrieve it. However, you can attempt this process by offering three of your current contacts in the post as proof you own your account instead of three deleted contacts.

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