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Advantages Of Using Helical Piers

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Helical pier technology has been around for well over 100 years. It is a proven system for modern construction and renovation work. They provide a very effective solution for repairing foundations where soil conditions need installation of deep piles. There are several competitive advantages that you can realize by using helical piers over other systems, especially when you are working on an existing building.


The equipment required for installation is usually smaller, lighter and less sophisticated than that used in other types of foundations. As a result, the cost of immobilization too is usually less. This allows the contractor to access tight or confined areas in order to install the helical piles where larger equipment cannot fit.


The other benefit is that helical piles do not require vibration during installation since they are turned with a torque motor, more like a turning a wood screw into a piece of wood. When working on an existing building, you are better off avoiding creating any opportunity for settlement.


During helical installation, the contractor should regularly monitor the torque it takes to install the piers. Notice, the torque’s rating directly relates to each pier’s capacity, hence at the end of the installation, hence the contractor can tell at the end of each installation what load or capacity that will be supported by each pier. Once the helical piers are installed, they can be loaded immediately since there will be no cure time required after installation.


Since helical piers are turned or screwed in, you will require minimal excavation. During the pier installation, you will not need to haul or remove any spoil from the site, which translates into additional savings on cost of spoil removal and disposal.


When using a smaller installation equipment, noise pollution will be significantly reduced since there will be no violent hammering or banging of the piers.


Another important benefit of using helical piers is that although you can use them in a new construction project, they can also be a great solution for a project whose foundation has failed. Rather than getting rid of the existing foundation, you can install helical piers under the existing foundation in order to create a deep foundation system. This is also great for the environment.


These are just some of the benefits that you can realize by using helical piers. Because every project is unique, a number of factors can make them the right choice for you. Just be sure to check with a structural engineer or local foundation repair provider to see if they are right for your project.

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