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Being Familiar with How to Find the Best Car Rental Rates

by robbrummitt

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A May 2012 article from The New York Times reported that regardless of a slow-moving economic condition, global business travel stays greatly uninfluenced considering that many business people still choose to pursue interactions in person to mold new alliances and enhance existing tie-ups. Yet taking a trip can raise operational expenses, particularly when it comes to car rental costs in foreign places. Below are a few means to get cost savings on car rentals:

Lose the travel agent

It is usually beneficial to count on a travel agent to discover the best car rental rates. However, corporate travelers should remember that travel agents work on a commission basis when booking airline tickets and accommodations, and it's most likely to be the same thing when they're arranging car rental services for their customers. It may be better to try to find the best car rental rates by simply browsing through easy-to-use internet sites that offer exceptional choices and competitive rates.

Do not rent at the airport

Renting a car at the airport is definitely beneficial as you do not need to worry about yanking your baggage around while waiting for a cab or a bus. Once you get out of the airport, you can head to the car rental counter and drive off to your destination in no time at all. Be prepared, however, for the humongous rates. If you've got a tight budget, you can get on a shuttle to an off-airport site or someplace closer to your journey's end and lease a vehicle from there.

Book the car early

The minute your business travel specifics are officially confirmed, schedule for an auto straight away. This way, you'll have lots of time to get the lowest rates provided and check back for any discounts or special deals you may have missed. If you must travel during peak season, you should get your hands on a well-suited car before some other travelers or tourists get ahead of you.

Go simple

Car rental companies present a comprehensive fleet for business travelers, varying from standard SUVs or sedans to luxury cars. Having said that, always remember that taking a trip in luxury doesn't come easy on the pocketbook. To delight in the best car rental rates and save hard earned money, why not select economy or discount rental cars as an alternative?

These days, it certainly pays to be prudent with one's spendings. Business travel must be hassle-free and practical, yet there is also the aspect of cost to think about. For other relevant information, check out

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