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Organisational profile for the Department for Environment,

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Product Synopsis

This report summarises the status of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). It reviews the current status of the department by providing an organisational overview of the current ICT structure and planned structural reforms. This report is intended for those currently working within this sector, and those considering this market for the first time.

Introduction and Landscape

This report provides an organizational profile for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, providing companies will essential information about their current ICT strategy, ICT initiatives and opportunities, key suppliers and contracts and expenditure on ICT.

Key Features and Benefits

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: including key suppliers and contracts, expenditure on ICT, hardware, software, communications and ICT staff.

Key Market Issues

• Gain knowledge about the Defra’s key suppliers.
• Gain insight into the expenditure on ICT broken down into categories.
• Provides information about additional non department public bodies.

Key Highlights

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is under considerable budgetary pressure over the current spending review period. It faces making cuts to the various grants it currently awards.
ICT spending cuts are inevitable over the spending review which will lead to a restructure of ICT departments within this sector.

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary2 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
2.1 Organisational overview
2.2 Key delivery groups
2.3 External aims of Defra
2.3.1 Support and develop British farming and encourage sustainable food production
2.3.2 Help to enhance the environment and biodiversity to improve quality of life
2.3.3 Support a strong and sustainable green economy, resilient to climate change
2.3.4 Ongoing responsibilities
2.4 Internal challenges
2.4.1 European Union
2.4.2 Structural reform
2.5 Departmental Staffing levels
2.6 Funding, expenditure trends and investment drivers
3 Departmental ICT
3.1 ICT strategy
3.2 Structure of ICT function
3.3 ICT initiatives and opportunities
3.3.1 Rural Payments Agency
3.3.2 Environment Agency
3.3.3 Shared Service Directorate
3.4 Key suppliers and contracts
3.4.1 IBM
3.4.2 Accenture and Steria
3.4.3 Capgemini
3.5 Expenditure on ICT
3.5.1 Hardware
3.5.2 Software
3.5.3 Services
3.5.4 Communications
3.5.5 ICT staff
4 Main non departmental public bodies
4.1 Executive agencies
4.2 Non-departmental public bodies

List of Figures

Figure 1: Structure of Defra including relationships with key agencies
Figure 2: Number of staff within Defra family, August 2011
Figure 3: Defra spending and settlement between 2011-23 and 2014-15
Figure 4: Defra and wider departmental family spending, 2011-12
Figure 5: Defra family ICT budgets, 2012-13
Figure 6: Key ICT personnel within the Defra family, May 2012
Figure 7: Key outsourcing contracts at Defra
Figure 8: Breakdown of Defra family ICT by category of spend, 2011-12 to 2016-17

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Environmental Changes: Organisational profile for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


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