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Online Education In India

by rohittaparia2012

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The advent of the Internet has been a boon and the major medium which has led to the growth of online education all over the world. It began taking a foothold in the nineties and has never looked back since then. Numerous search engines such as ‘Google’ and ‘yahoo’ have become to be credited with the success of students' research and projects. People of all ages have made optimum usage of online tutorials, from do-it-yourself YouTube tutorials covering a plethora of subjects- from guitar lessons to Photoshop tutorials – to websites specialized for certain subjects, such as photography lessons and writing guides, to name a few.

With the continued growth of online studying and improvements in the user interface, and a large database, this is a useful and easily accessible source of knowledge for students. Websites providing specialized information about classes and courses have also come up; is one of the latest additions to this field. Online study in India has greatly benefited those students residing in far flung, rural places. Virtual classrooms have been made available to them via this medium. This has proved to be a huge advantage to our educational system and has helped surpass many hurdles and flaws in learning.

The number of internet users is growing daily and many rely upon the net as their source of knowledge in numerous subjects. Websites such as Wikipedia -which are constantly updated- have come and replaced the age old encyclopedias. With the ease of accessibility on the go, all the information which one requires is available at all times and at all places. Numerous institutes have come to understand the importance of this medium and have set up many courses and classes. This has especially been a boon to students seeking distance education or correspondence courses. This also aids those who cannot attend regular college timings due to work. This has brought students of different colleges and even countries together over one common platform. The best teachers are employed to impart and pass on knowledge to the students through this medium and large virtual classrooms can come together without the nuisance of shepherding a large mass of students into one crowded classroom. The quality of the education imparted is as good as that which is available in the traditional colleges and schools, while the virtual experience sometimes even gives a more comfortable feel to the students.

Some online tutorials constitute of a merger with face to face traditional learning. This enhances the experience and you get the best of both worlds. Here you learn the course online and then can approach the professors to solve your queries and doubts through interactive lessons. Those who have never used this method before need not worry as everything is explained in a detailed, step by step manner and it is extremely easy to use with simple interfaces. In India this holds especially true for management and MBA studies.

The continued and exponential growth of the internet keeps on adding more and more facets to the concept of online education and it has kept ever improving, and making the experience better for all those who are using this form of education.

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