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The Bodily and Cognitive Features of Brazilian Butt Lift

by terrybayer

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On a paper pertaining to Brazilian cosmetic surgery, anthropologist Alexander Edmonds identified a cosmetic surgeon as a psychologist holding a scalpel in his hand. With this mindset, the objective of a butt lift is more to boost one's self-worth than to make butts larger. A single cosmetic surgery procedure, simply put, will transform a person more on the inside than the outside-- mentally over physically.

That's the underlying principle of Brazilian cosmetic surgery; a humanistic approach in transforming a person. Through a lucrative Brazilian butt lift, psychoanalysis and plastic surgery (two reconstructive solutions which cost patients an arm and a leg) are combined and completed. After the butts are boosted to appear bigger and voluptuous, the patient can feel more positive regarding herself and her appeal. She virtually gets two services for the price of one.

Edmonds writes that the "talking cure" mends bodily problems through the mind and the "scalpel" heals mental issues via the body. In a country like Brazil where poverty is above mean for an economic hub in Latin America, many of the poor claim they'll select cosmetic surgery anytime. It offers them the odds to look and feel good in just a single session.

Beauty, as this principle defines, doesn't run along the lines of proportion or objective beauty generally. As Edmonds composes, beauty depends on how the patient feels after having a breast augmentation, butt lift, or facelift. After all, the notion of beauty is quite subjective. You may not appear as striking to many but for others and for yourself, you are gorgeous.

Upon a better inspection, this belief isn't too unrealistic as it appears. Just how many lives have cosmetic surgery changed not only in Brazil but around the world? Is the concept of physical beauty all that really matters when a patient goes through a facelift in Rio or tummy tuck in Los Angeles? There's no denying that cosmetic surgery provokes both a mental and physical change, and it only occurs in less than an hour or two.

You can review Edmonds' article by checking out The New York Times online at For more information about plastic surgery and its mental implications, speak to your area cosmetic surgeon.



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