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Incident Command System provides Robust Security to the Orga

by Denis

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Today's world is the product of our thought. In this dynamic world change is the truth. It's our duty to mould the world as per our need. The advancement of technology has brought significant changes in our life. In this case, any kind of incident can take place at any point of time. So we must take precautions before any incident takes place. In order to manage the incident we have developed ICS which has a great importance in our every day life. Incident don't let us know before getting manifested. Our pre-planning makes us robust and we can fight back if any kind of incident takes place. Today, all the prominent organizations have incident command system and they don't want to take any kind of risk.

The incident command structure (ICS) is a standardized incident management concept designed specially to allow responders to adopt an integrated organizational structure equal to the complexity and requirements of any single incident or multiple incidents without being hindered by jurisdictional boundaries.

An ICS provides integrated communication and planning by establishing a manageable span of control. An ICS divides a crisis response into five manageable functions necessary for emergency response operations such as: Planning, Command, Operations, Logistics, and Finance and Administration. This structure can be created in any firm or company beside its own structure and it will only activate when any kind of disaster will take place. In case of ICS when any natural or manmade disaster needs to involve a number of responders to shorten the disaster the incident command structure nominates the incident commander from the prominent responder. The incident commander will act as a main co-ordinator and will organize the rest of the agencies according to ICS's dictated structures based on their roles.

Disaster is primarily divided into two categories such as manmade and natural. Manmade disaster is that when it's organized by man and the purpose derives to destroy a particular region of the world. It's more destructive than natural disaster because it's intentionally done but natural disaster has no personal intention and occurs due to the changes in their internal nature. The conception behind natural disaster is to make changes in the current state of the world and it's done by the god. Natural disaster such as fire incident is quite obvious in this volatile world. It can take place any time. We don't have command over it but we can equip ourself to save the lives as much as possible. We can use fire ems which ensures complete protection and can rebuild the things which is destroyed at the time of incident. Natural disaster not only harm us financially but physically or mentally as well. If we have already developed a system through which we can fight back the natural incident and when we face it boldly and fearlessly. So fire ems has great use in our life and it makes our life more protected. In today's organizational arena, the use of security measures are very important and essential as well.

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