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Why are dog fleas so dangerous?

by genericfrontline

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Dog fleas are not just fleas they are slow poison to the pet. They make the pet so ill that the poor cat or dog loses all its health and blood. These fleas can multiply very fast and when there are too many of them, then all of these attacks the poor pet. They act like small injections sucking out blood from the poor pet.


These dog fleas and ticks carry a host of disease that is further harmful to the pet. They carry tape worm and these tapeworm get inside the pet while it is grooming itself. The tapeworm stays inside the dog’s intestine and multiplies over there. They eat away all the nutrition that the dog gets from food and thus it is seen that pets infected with these worms become very weak over the period.

There have been some sad instances where puppies and kittens have died because of dog fleas’ infection. Puppies and kittens do not have a very strong immune power and thus they cannot handle the fleas’ infection. Most of the time these puppies become so weak that it is difficult to get them back in their original health.

The saliva of dog fleas is highly infectious and can cause severe damage to the skin of the pet. The pet gets irritated by the itchiness that it feels and in an attempt to get rid of it, it scratches its skin. As a result, it developed wound and infection.

It is suggested to all pet lovers that any time they see dog fleas and ticks, on their part, they must immediately take it to the vet. Dog fleas must never be neglected and one must take special care to ensure that they take their pet for a checkup at least once in a month to the vet. Proper grooming will also keep the pet free from such dog fleas and ticks.

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