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What are QR Barcode and Bluetooth Barcode Scanners?

by liyo89

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It is possible for retailers to use a range of different 2D barcodes. One form of 2D codes is the QR code and it has been gaining popularity over the years. Most people associate QR codes with information sent to a smart phone. However, it is possible for businesses to use these codes in their daily running as a means of tracking products.

The QR code was created by a subsidiary of Toyota as a way of tracking their vehicles during the manufacturing processes. The code was created with high speed scanning within the manufacturing industry in mind. The code is made up of position squares and binary patterns which contain information.

QR barcodes and other 2D barcodes can be utilised by businesses in a number of ways. It is possible to use them in manufacturing to track different components. Many businesses have also started to use these codes in marketing as QR codes can be read by smart phones. Event and transport companies use 2D barcodes on tickets and many retailers have QR code coupons for members of loyalty schemes.

When using 2D barcodes and particularly QR codes in your business it is important that you have the best QR barcode reader available. Syntec offers a comprehensive range of 2D and QR barcode readers with the expertise to advise your team when it comes to making the right decision on which scanner to choose.

The Opticon OPI 221 QR barcode scanner is a handheld device which is lightweight and comes with an auto-focus imager. The scanner can read traditional 1D barcodes as well as 2D barcodes. The imaging technology also allows it to read these codes off an LCD screen so you customers can simply show their QR code on their mobile device for quick and easy scanning.

Bluetooth devices work on a radio communication system which means that the two transmitters do not have to be in view of each other. However, this technology does not allow the transmitters to be too far apart as it was created for minimal distances. It is important that this technology not be confused with Wi-Fi as Wi-Fi is the wireless version of Ethernet while Bluetooth is closer to the DUN profile.

Bluetooth barcode scanner are popular with many retailers and businesses. By utilising Bluetooth technology, barcode scanners no longer require wire connections to terminals. Additionally, the mobile versions of this technology will allow field based staff to scan codes and store the information.

The Opticon OPN 2001 Bluetooth barcode reader comes with a range of features compactly placed in a small body. This barcode reader comes with a 100 scans per second laser engine and 512K of flash data memory. These features allow users to store barcodes they have scanned on the device complete with time stamping.

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