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Challenges of Shared Dedicated Hosting

by Robatjhnson

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Shared hosting is just another service group in the family of hosting services that have its own profits and losses. Unlike other services, it is characterized as a web hosting service where many websites reside on the same web server connected to the Internet. A single physical server is shared by a group of users who work consecutively in it and also share the cost of it equally. As compared to dedicated hosting where there is only a single user for a single machine, shared hosting users use the same technique in a different way that is less expensive.

However, unlike dedicated service where you have complete freedom over your system, shared dedicated hosting doesn’t allow this facility to its users. It is cheaper and more affordable than dedicated hosting. With lesser price, there are definitely a few compromises that are done in some of its parts. Still, if your website is of an age where it is not receiving much traffic, then shared hosting is the best choice for you. Thus, a few shortcomings or you could say the challenges of cheap shared hosting come into vicinity when you opt for it.

Shared IP Address

Sharing your IP with others is not a trouble until it is simply used by each shared member of the group for their regular transactions. However, if other sites that are listed on your server are blacklisted for illegal activities such as spamming or generating illegal codes, then that are going to affect your website too. Since the websites share the same server, it means they will also share the same IP address. Having their site banned means your site is equally treated in the same way. As a result, you will be permanently banned by the search engine. This situation may be prevented if your provider has provisions for such occurrences. If he can save your site, which is innocent, then that is the best shared hosting provider for you.

Server Response time

In shared dedicated hosting, the server responds to the sites in order of a queue. The site which is first in the order is given the maximum support of bandwidth and load balancing. This sequence is then followed by other sites. Therefore, if you lag behind the other sites sometime, then the response time of your website may considerably fall. Your website will take more time in uploading, and sometimes it may get completely jammed. The way to get out of this problem is to discuss about this issue with your provider and the solutions, he can provide to prevent such anomalies.

Finally, it can be said that with a proper provider, you can easily face the challenges of shared dedicated hosting. The providers must ensure that the shortcomings can be avoided easily, and any change with the other users can barely affect your website in any ways. It should regularly monitor your server to prevent it from crashes and protect your site from being affected. A reliable and dedicated provider will be able to answer all your questions with satisfactory answers.


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