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How to Effectively Watch Movies of African Production

by wallyhowe

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Many people are not aware of the existence of Africa's film industry unless they are old enough to remember the widely known humor flick of the 80s, The Gods Must Be Crazy. Africa, as opposed to the media's depiction of the continent as either a large territory of undeveloped wilderness or a land torn apart by civil rivalry, is quite a modern-day region. While difficulties do normally develop every so often, Africa for the most part is a developing society, and has a bright presence in the world of film.

No could other individuals claim as much misery as the Africans, as their history of exploitation has lent them a voice that now reverberates in the media they produce. Films made in Africa normally accept themes of political nature and of revisiting and/or dissecting conventional values. Though normally unique to locate overseas, it's possible to watch movies from African productions over the Internet.

Prior to acquiring their own independence and notability in filmmaking, Africans were presented in an ill light. Now that the African nations are free, their films naturally sought to set the image of Africans right. Such depictions were important neocolonial forms of media that sought to re-create the Africans of their proud culture.

Movies from South African creators are outstanding in that they commonly juxtapose Africans with the standard white people. The evaluations drawn in such movies aren't to further differentiate between the two, rather they work as a poetic message that both are actually no different from each other. Other topics tackled are the clash of modernity against spirituality, the tale of the Afrikaners and the aftereffects of the fall of the Apartheid.

One need not go all the way to Africa to check out these artful films. Certain African-owned websites permit visitors to enjoy the films online. And copies of some of these films are in fact being sold online also for those keen to acquire one.

Africa's movie industry may not be as glitzy as Hollywood's however it continues to be a strong and moving medium for the continent to show its issues. If you have not seen a single African film, possibly it's time that you do. To check out the latest on the African movie industry, go to

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