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Interchangeable Purse Is The Fashion Of New Generation

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Interchangeable Purse


Today, fashion is no longer just a trend. It is also made useful and
functional. Bags are favorite accessories of women. Over the years,
they have been designed quite creatively. They go from tote bags, to
messengers bags to small clutches. Right now interchangeable purse is
creating a new trend. You can now buy purse straps and purse handles
and change them as you go, depending on the look you want to achieve. 


The Concept


Women always want a matching look with what they wear and the
bag that they carry. This is why the idea of interchangeable purse came
from. They are basically a handbag where you can change the look
according to your taste, mood and preference. There are many types of
bags that use this idea.


With these bags, you do not have to switch purses anymore. All your
things and essentials are placed in just one place and you don’t have
to move your stuff to another bag anymore every time you change your
get up or outfit. You just need to change purse accessories that
matches your look and you are good to go.


How it Works


There are handbags that come with a base bag and a shell. The
base bag is the actual bag and the shell is just an outer wrap that you
can change as you go. The shells can be interchange again and again to
get a different look with the same bag. This is great for people who
are hungry for different designs. There are tons of shells to choose
from including different colors from the classis to pastel. They are
also prints from basic patterns to psychedelic ones. They also come in
different fabric and texture.


There is also another type of interchangeable purse where you are
given different accessories that you can use to customize your bags.
You can literally build your very own bag. You can shop for purse straps or purse handles,
pick the hardware metal you like, choose your handbag or tote and
accessories. Basically, you have all the materials that you need to
create your purse according to your creativity and personal style.


The Classy Benefits


These bags are interchangeable in every way and you can decide
everything about it too. You don’t have to choose from a set of normal
bags that you can buy in the mall because you can customize and create
your own.  No longer will you have to switch bags. You can take the
same bag to the office and to a night out party just by changing purse
accessories to get a totally new look.


Plus, you can just be creative and go with what you like. You can
even add your own small trinkets to your bag and get the style that you
are going for. An interchangeable purse
can save you a lot of money too. Think about the money that you spent
buying all those bags that you don’t even use after some time. With
this type of bags, you just need to shop for a basic tote and purse
accessories. It is as if you have numerous bags in your closet without
spending a fortune


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