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A Vacation Rental in Paris Has Everything You Need

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So, you are planning a vacation rental in Paris? It is a good idea because Paris, one of the most expensive, yet most popular, travel destinations in the world and hotels are no bargain.

Don't let Paris glamorous lights worry you. Even for a capital that commands 20 million visitors every year, visiting and even living in Paris without heavy luggage is a feat that's been done before-- and you can do it again. The trick to surviving the City of Light without a lot of clothes and other necessities is to book a Paris short term vacation rental. Everything you may need for a more cost-efficient trip is already provided for in a Paris short term rental.

Find a Paris apartment to rent is not difficult. Renting a vacation rental in Paris comes with benefits you may not otherwise acquire from the usual hotel room. A hotel room often consists of a bed, the usual entertainment set that includes a flat screen TV, perhaps a DVD player and a few CDs, and a small table where you can put your work materials, in case you are in Paris for business. The usual bathroom in a hotel may consist of a toilet, wash area, and a shower, and if you're lucky, a bathtub. There is no guarantee to good views in a hotel, and since there is no kitchen in one, you will be forced to eat out, further adding to your travel costs. Worse, since most hotels are located in Paris' commercial districts, the boutiques, cafes and shops that surround you will be too overpriced, you can hardly experience authentic Parisian living.

If you are in Paris for leisure, a hotel room might not just be enough. A hotel room is simply just a room; a vacation rental in Paris, however, is a well-kept home equipped with all the necessities you may need to live comfortably and conveniently in Paris. The ideal Paris short term vacation rental is often equipped with a living room, where you can rest after a long walk around the city, one or more rooms that can accommodate your group or family, a dining room and a well-equipped kitchen where you can prepare meals by yourself, or call in someone, to cook up something scrumptious and authentically French.

Speaking of meals, if you seek budgeted meals without having to sacrifice the experience of the Parisian lifestyle, there are plenty of affordable restaurants and cafes often located along the Monge, in the Latin Quarter. The shops and cafes here usually cater to student travelers, but tourists on a budget are always welcome.

As for the view, the best Parisian short term vacation rental apartments are located near metro stations and tourist landmarks, so you will have something more than just a blank wall to look at. It would be a wise move to book a Paris vacation rental located near a metro station, so you need not rent a vehicle during your stay. To save up on the metro fare, purchase a metro pass at Charles de Gaulle or Orly, or as soon as you reach the city. If you are not fond of the metro, you could rent a Velib bicycle, for just a Euro per day. See? The options are tremendous here, in Paris!

For busy-bodies who are in Paris for work, the best paris apartment to rent will already have Wi-Fi, crossing out any need to visit a Wi-Fi-ready cafe. If your cellphone is not set to roaming, you can purchase a short-term phone and data plan from France's largest telecom providers, or better yet, feel free to use the landline with international calling capability in the apartment. All these, and more, are often included in the rental.

Whether you consider yourself a frugal traveler, someone who has more than enough for Paris' best offerings, or somewhere in between, staying in a vacation rental in Paris instead of a hotel is one way to get the most out of your vacation.

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