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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

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XEAL 1U and 2U 80PLUS certified power supplies, equipped with a thermal-controlled fan for longer lifespan and lower overall noise output, offers maximum total DC output power with full wattage. Such power and efficiency is demonstrated when the loading conditions measured at 20%, 50%, and 100%, has a minimum efficiency of 80%, which means that Xeal 1U and 2U power supplies’ 80PLUS feature reduces system power consumption at any system loading condition, cutting electricity costs.

Safety First

In addition, several protective features protects your technicians and power supplies, and keeps the MTBF, calculated utilizing the Part-Stress Analysis method of MIL217F or Bell core RPP, running longer than 100,000 hours under the following conditions: full rated load and 120V AC input. These protective features prevent damage to the power supply. In other words, Xeal has your back. Over Current Protection is able to prevent its +5V, +3.3V, and +12V outputs from exceeding the current limit values, which latches off once current exceeds the limit. Over Voltage Protection: Shut down will be prompted and will go into latch off mode when the output voltage exceeds the over voltage limit. Short Circuit Protection: When the output voltage is short circuited, the power supply will shut down and go into a latch off mode. Particularly the -12V and +5VSB outputs are short circuit protected.

Power for Thought

In the event of an AC line dropout, any control signal tripping or protection circuits will not occur within 16milliseconds. However, if the AC dropout lasts longer than 16mS the power supply would recover and meet all turn on requirements. Most importantly, any dropout of the AC line will not cause damage to the power supply. Protection circuits inside the power supply will cause only the power supply’s main outputs to shut down. Nonetheless, if the power supply latches off due to a protection circuit tripping, either an AC cycle OFF for 15 sec, or PSON# cycle HIGH for 1 sec would restart the power supply.

Xeal Mission

In sum, Xeal’s 1U and 2U power supplies is the best solution for small businesses. Its 80 plus certified feature is rigorously tested and highly trusted
by many. Through the details of the design, particularly its all-inclusive safety features, many have come to recognize Xeal as one of few companies that reflects its concerns for the environment and for the needs of the customers.

It is through Xeal’s responsive character that has been keeping its parent company, iStarUSA Group to bring quality service for over a decade. Furthermore, iStarUSA Group also provide excellent OEM/ODM service for all customization needs. Confide in Xeal’s
responsible and efficient 1U and 2U 80plus power supplies.

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iStarUSA Group has over 20 years of experience in the industrial computer industry. We are a manufacturer of industrial and Redundant Power Supply, server cases, server & rackmount cabinets, server racks, data storage, and custom power supply solutions. We also have industrial engineering services specializing in OEM/ODM projects for system integration and IT solutions. For more information Power Supply then visit our video:

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