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Lafayette LA Termite Inspection: Knowing the 20-Foot Space

by bridgetteadair

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You now have a cause to stock your firewood, replace debauching shingles, and cut branches well away from the house: termites. Simply put, when you put their food nearer the house, there is a likelihood that they will chase your house as well. This is particularly true if there are elements in your home which they would like to eat.

Termites will go after wood which they can spot close to their colony. Of course, they will chase the nearest source of food before advancing, but it will be a sluggish and constant development. Usually, termite inspection in Lafayette LA yields structural wood damage close to firewood or branches of shrubs and trees. Your house is as good as a decorated target for the termites.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) states 20 feet is an ideal gap in keeping termites out of your house. If your home can be installed even farther from the colony, it would be more desirable. 20 feet is quite far for the entire colony to take a trip.

At a length of 20 feet, an exterminator in Lafayette LA can eradicate the whole swarm while keeping the house safeguarded as well. To be on the secure side, the pest control specialist will also administer an inspection of the house and treat it if required. It would also help to keep wood five inches off the soil where termites can not reach.

As for the stuff you can't fend off from your house like wood shakes and shingles, they can keep their own in the initial few years of setup. Nevertheless, as damage and degeneration gets more apparent, nearby pests would be brought in to the aroma. It is a good idea to upgrade these elements as soon as possible to ensure that further damage by pests to the roofing interior can be avoided. Always keep in mind about the 20-foot rule above all else.

See the NPMA website on to find out more concerning termites as well as techniques to manage them. Do not forget to schedule regular inspections with your local pest control company.

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