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Dog House Training

by sheralLynn

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There are several methods to house train your dog and that comes to the age and size of your dog. Dog house training for an adult dog is best done by relying on your adult dog's natural instincts and tendencies. When it comes to a puppy who you just brought home, there are a few options that you can chose from which include paper training, crate training or through consistent verbal communication where you rush the puppy outside when you see that he or she is going and you give them a verbal command like 'outside' so they know the importance of going outside of the house or apartment and not indoors.It is also important not to get angry at your dog when they go indoors as they are not going to understand you anyways and this is seen as a cruel way to act towards your dog. On the other hand, praising your dog when they go to the bathroom outside where they're supposed to gives the dog a sense of understanding that by going outdoors, he is gaining affection from you which is one of the highest goals that a dog has from his or her owner. In our view, the best way to house train your dog is by using paper training. What this means is that once you bring your dog home from the first day, is set up an area of newspaper that you will consider the dog's toilet area so that the dog knows that when he or she must go - this will be the place to do their business.


Part of making sure this happens is workng with the dog and waiting for the moment that they need to eliminate and when that time comes, they are then given praise and affection showing that you are happy with what they just did. This is a key part of any dog house training and has proven results that should be practiced frequently. What this will also do is teach you to communicate effectively with your dog as you will be able to see how quickly a dog responds to your command and if there is more than one person who is taking care of your dog, it is best that the same techniques be practiced by all members of the family so that the dog will not be confused in terms of how he or she must behave in the house including when to go to the bathroom.


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