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Frontline Plus for puppies ensures safety to the little ones

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Frontline Plus for puppies ensures safety to the little ones


Just like dogs, fleas and ticks infect puppies as well and this is even more dangerous. Puppies have less blood than adult dogs and their immune system is weaker than adult dogs. Fleas suck up blood about 15 times her body weight therefore when fleas, the little ones become considerably weak, infect puppies. If this unfortunate thing has happen to your puppy then do not panic and do not apply frontline and meant for adults on puppies.

Frontline Plus for puppies is available explicitly for these little ones and is formulated keeping in mind the delicate skin structure of puppies.


  Frontline Plus for puppies contains two ingredients Fipronil and S-Methoprene. They control the growth of fleas and kill their eggs. These ingredients paralyze the nervous system of flea, which consequently kills them. It also prevents the eggs of fleas from hatching and thus erodes the complete life cycle of fleas and ticks. Precautions to be taken while using frontline Plus for puppies Frontline Plus for puppies ensures complete safety to puppies but at the same time, there are certain precautions that must be taken while suing this product.

  • Puppies those who are above 8 weeks can be, applied Frontline Plus.
  • Frontline Plus must be applied as per the instructions and giving the correct dosage.
  • The dose must not be increased at any cost as it will harm the puppy
  • Puppies that are younger than 8 weeks must not be given Frontline Plus as it will harm them
  • Puppies below the age of 8 weeks can be given bath with dawn dish washing detergent to make them free from fleas and ticks

The best thing about Frontline Plus for puppies is that it will kill fleas as well ticks. It will prevent the ticks from jumping and after combing the pet, you will see dead fleas and ticks falling. So do not delay in giving your puppy a flea free world.

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